What’s new with online betting in New York?


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New York was waiting to see its online sports betting scene come online since november and it’s fair to say the Empire State wanted to see it happen in 2021, but narrowly missed. However, we are temptingly approaching to see this become a reality, and it looks like we will be seeing online sports betting in New York City in just a few weeks.

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What is Hold up?

It is important to remember that this bill was not passed until November of last year and although there was a slight delay, it still took a while for this to happen. Simply put, it takes a lot of technological power and time to integrate everything, which naturally requires a lot of time to do things and prepare them.

Then you take into account that there is nine sports bets put online in New York at the same time, and that only adds to the overall difficulty of getting things done within a certain time frame. With that in mind, however, the final pieces are being put together and we are weeks away from being ready to place the first online sports bet in Empire State history.

According to the state’s rules and requirements for bringing all nine sportsbooks online, including DraftKings New York, each of the sportsbook servers must be hosted in one of the existing New York casinos, which makes it more complex for those who move. New York’s online betting space and only prolongs an already long and complicated process.

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When will online betting be available in the state?

Right now, as we approach the NFL playoffs, it is difficult to give a precise date on which the bets on New York will be put on line. It depends on whether everything is in place with the servers and the sports betting itself and ultimately whether the sports betting complies with the rules of the law.

However, it’s fair to predict that online betting will be available to people inside the state by the end of January, as predicted in December. Hope to go live before super bowl February remains the goal, but the desire to place the first online bet as it stands before the Playoffs in mid-January is a bit of a stretch at this stage. Players will have to wait a bit longer if they want to bet on the NFL.

Once the land-based casinos with the licenses are up and running, then we wait for a negotiation between the state and sports betting as to when the first bet takes place.

What this means for the state and American betting

Although in-person betting is available in New York since 2019, the state’s shift to online betting was one of the most anticipated in U.S. gambling history, with New York’s population and tourism industry several times larger than neighboring from New Jersey.

Additionally, the sports industry as a whole is also much larger in the Empire State, with sports teams like the New York Knicks, Giants, Jets, Yankees and MLS teams all responsible for helping to build one of America’s greatest sporting states.


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