What is the legal situation for online betting in North East India?


Online betting is a controversial topic all over India – the same is true here in North East India.

Each state in Northeastern India has its own laws and regulations when it comes to online betting.

In this article, we aim to break down the most important betting laws in all of the northeastern states, so you can find out whether online betting is legal in your state or not!


Legislation: The Assam law on gambling and betting of 1970.

According to Assam’s gambling laws, all types of betting are prohibited in the state.

Betting houses are not licensed to operate, and anyone found to operate or use a betting house is liable to penalties under the law.

However, there are some exceptions to the law, such as horse racing, which is considered a game of skill, and lottery. These are both legal in Assam.

Online betting is not specifically mentioned or prohibited by the laws of Assam, which means residents of Assam can use the online betting sites without breaking any laws.

Arunachal Pradesh

Legislation: Arunachal Pradesh Gambling (Prohibition) Act 2012.

Gambling is prohibited in the state of Arunachal Pradesh, with the exception of horse racing (at an approved horse racing ground) as well as lotteries.

For other forms of gambling, a special permit can be obtained which allows you to play games of skill during festivities and other holidays.

The law makes no specific mention of online betting, which can therefore be legally played by residents of Arunachal Pradesh.


Legislation: Tripura Gambling Law.

In Tripura, it is forbidden to operate or visit a so-called gambling house, and any person found on the premises of a gambling house may be arrested and charged with gambling until proven guilty.

However, games of skill such as billiards, whist, and horse racing are permitted in the state and are not an offense under the gambling law.

Lotteries are also legal within the state, but they require approval from the local board of directors.

Online betting sites are not specifically mentioned in the law, so they should also be considered legal in Tripura.


Legislation: Meghalaya Gaming Regulations 2021 Ordinance.

In February 2021, the state of Meghalaya passed its latest gambling law that legalized many gambling activities within the state, including games of skill, as well as gambling.

The law creates a new governing body known as the Meghalaya Gaming Commission with the aim of regulating gambling activities and gambling operators within the state.

As such, residents of Meghalaya can participate in both physical and online gambling activities without fear of legal repercussions.


Legislation: Sikkim Online Gaming Act 2008 (Regulation)

The state of Sikkim has some of the most liberal gambling laws in India.

In Sikkim, online betting is permitted and betting and gambling operators can obtain a license from state authorities to offer their services and pay taxes in the state of Sikkim.

As such, there are no restrictions on gambling activities in Sikkim; everything from online betting sites to brick and mortar casinos are licensed to operate in the state.


Legislation: Nagaland Gambling Ban Act 2015

In Nagaland, games of skill are legal. This refers to games that are primarily skill-based and where winning isn’t just based on the element of luck.

Skill games include activities such as sports betting and horse racing.

This means that online betting, as well as physical betting can be done legally in the state of Nagaland without fear of legal repercussions.

Nagaland also offers a licensing system in which gambling companies can apply for a license to legally offer games of skill to players in Nagaland or other Indian states where it is legal.


Legislation: Public Games Act of 1867.

Mizoram State does not have its own gambling laws, but falls under the federal gambling law known as the Public Gambling Act of 1867.

According to this law, games of chance are prohibited, while games of skill are permitted.

However, the law only mentions gambling as owned by physical gambling dens, and makes no mention of online betting sites, which are believed to be legal, as long as the online betting site is located outside of the casino. Indian territory.


As the above article has shown, the laws on betting and gambling vary widely from state to state in North East India.

That said, online betting in India is generally tolerated, as online betting is not directly prohibited under most local gambling laws.

However, if you are interested in gambling, we recommend that you continue to do more research into the gambling laws that apply in your state, to ensure that you are not breaking any local laws.


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