Virginia Lottery online games surpass $ 130 million in prize money just four months after launch


The Virginia Lottery reports that more than $ 130 million in prizes have been won by players on new online lottery games in less than four months.

The Virginia Lottery introduced its new online gaming offerings on July 1.

In the three-month period ending Oct. 1, lottery sales in Virginia stores increased by more than 10%, according to Virginia Lottery officials.

Online products include many familiar and popular games such as Mega Millions, Powerball, and Cash4Life.

“Online gambling is a natural progression that makes Virginia Lottery games more relevant and convenient for consumers today,” said Kevin Hall, executive director of Virginia Lottery. []. “The successful launch of the online lottery is an essential tool in helping to support the Virginia Lottery commitment to generate funds for K-12 public schools in Virginia.”

The two biggest online winnings to date are a man from Lunenburg County who won $ 100,000 playing Powerball and a man from Hopewell who won $ 1,000 a week for the rest of his life in the Cash4Life game. ®.

A Richmond woman also won $ 51,000 playing Enchanted Winnings, one of the most popular instant win games.

According to the Virginia Lottery website, a Norfolk man won $ 25,788 from instant online play.

You can play Virginia Lottery online from anywhere in Virginia by registering here.


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