UPDATE – Lotto.com becomes the first online lottery messaging service to offer all types of bets for the Pick 3 and Pick 4 lottery games


Strengthens its position as the most accessible and convenient lottery platform

JERSEY CITY, NJ, October 26, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – The Incredibly Popular Choose 3 and Choose 4 New Jersey lottery games are now available to play on Lotto.com Inc., the first digital platform to buy lottery tickets on any device, with no app downloads or deposits required.

Lotto.com is the only lottery messaging service to offer players the ability to play Pick 3 and Pick 4 in any direction on all five bet types: straight, box, straight / box, wheel and even bets, highlighting further the accessible and innovative nature of the Lotto.com offer.

Pick 3 and Pick 4 are two of the oldest games in the New Jersey lottery. subsequently by Pick 4. Both games continued to evolve with the FIREBALL number added to both games in 2017, providing players with additional ways to win. Pick 3 and Pick 4 are the two top performing lottery games in the state of New Jersey, accounting for over 50% of all game sales based on NJ Lottery draws. (The source: New Jersey Lottery Annual Report 2020).

Players participating in Pick 3 or Pick 4 on Lotto.com can play the noon and evening draws for both games, and can start with a minimum bet of $ 1 with the option to add increments of $ 1 up to until the maximum bet of $ 5 is reached.

“We are delighted to add both Pick 3 and Pick 4 to the Lotto.com platform. Both games are old favorites, especially in New Jersey, and ultimately provide our players with more fun ways to play. We are proud to help grow the Lottery contributions to education and institutions which exceeded $ 1 billion in fiscal year 2021, ”said Thomas Metzger, CEO of Lotto.com Inc. a convenience which puts the player first and we are delighted to be the first to offer all types of Pick 3 and Pick 4 bets online! “

First launched in New Jersey in June 2021, Lotto.com operates a cutting-edge e-commerce platform based on four key pillars, including convenience, security, safety and peace of mind, which enable all players can buy official state lottery tickets from the comfort of their own homes or on the go. Since its inception, Lotto.com has focused on creating a product that meets the needs of today’s lottery players, which has led around 75% of users to return to the platform to continue. to play and redeem tickets. Additionally, Lotto.com’s continued growth and expansion quickly follows the company’s iCAP accreditation which was received in August of this year, which is the highest standard in the United States for responsible online gaming. and highlights their commitment to safer play.

Currently, anyone over the age of 18 physically residing in the state of New Jersey can purchase state lottery tickets through Lotto.com, as well as access information on previous and future draws. Lotto.com will soon be announcing nationwide expansion plans, with the goal of making the lottery more accessible to as many people as possible in the United States. To learn more, visit lotto.com or follow Lotto.com on Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook.

Based in New Jersey, Lotto.com Inc. is the premier digital platform for buying lottery tickets on any device, requiring no app downloads or deposits. Providing a secure, convenient and contactless way to play the lottery, the platform allows players to purchase official state lottery tickets by choosing their lucky numbers manually or by using our Quick Pick Lucky Number Generator. . As a registered and licensed lottery courier allowing user participation in US state lotteries, Lotto.com also helps fund state-run programs in education, parks, emergency responders. , veterans health and other important services. Lotto.com is currently available in New Jersey, with plans to expand to other states in the United States in the near future.



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