Top 6 Vendors in China’s Online Lottery Market from 2016 to 2020, According to Technavio


LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Technavio announced the top six vendors in its recent online lottery market in china 2016-2020 report. This research report also lists five other prominent vendors that are expected to impact the market during the forecast period.

The lottery market is illegal in many countries, but it is encouraged in China as the revenue generated from it is used for social causes such as building schools and hospitals in the local community.

Vendor Competitive Landscape

Lotteries are available in a variety of forms, ranging from maximum monetary benefit programs to charitable funds. China Welfare Lottery and China Sports Lottery are the only two legalized lottery operators in the country. China Welfare Lottery is concerned with raising funds for charity and social welfare, while funds raised by China Sports Lottery are used to build community sports facilities. The sports segment made huge profits in 2014. Once the ban is lifted, it is expected to introduce more innovative lottery options to attract shoppers.

Pari-mutuel betting (a form of betting in which those who back the top three places split the stakes of the losers after deduction of the operator’s commission), within the sports lotteries segment, is expected to grow during the period of prediction, as more states will legalize this form of betting. Gambling is only legal in very few areas like Beijing.

“Sports lottery is the largest adopted online lottery game and will remain the most attractive segment for vendors during the forecast period, followed by the video lottery terminal segment. However, lotto
and scratch lottery games will continue to be less attractive to vendors as these segments are in a stagnant phase,” says Ujjwal Doshi, principal analyst at Technavio for media and entertainment services research.

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Technavio media and entertainment Research analysts identify the following major vendors:

Lottery 365

Lottery 365 is one of the premium providers in the Chinese online lottery market, and its popularity is growing due to the unique tools they offer. These tools include Chance-O-meter, Info, Horoscope Lotto, Lucky Numbers, Lucky Pick and Numerology. These tools provide users with various information ranging from luck to historical winning numbers.

The seller offers a range of lotteries. The company’s online lottery affiliate program includes some of the best features such as optimized marketing tools, personal account manager, efficient payment plans and real-time reporting.

Taobao Lottery is China’s leading online retail platform and a subsidiary of, with nearly 60 million registered users visiting every day. In 2007, the company ventured into the online lottery market starting with lotto and also offers various other games such as guessing game, quiz, color lotteries and optional nine. The company offers various incentives for non-gamers, such as lottery winning feedback, super manager, love marketing, happy shopping, and marketer.

QQ Lottery

QQ Lottery is a subsidiary of QQ, Tencent Holdings, a popular instant messaging service provider. The provider offers games like lotto, fast frequency, football score predictor and color lotto. The website has partnered with several Chinese lottery providers such as China Lottery Network, Lottery Network, China SMG (Shanghai Media Group), Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Civil Affairs to provide the best online lottery solutions.

NetEase Lottery

NetEase is a China-based Internet technology company pioneering the development of various applications and services. The company attracts its online visitors with personalized premium services such as online games and in-house developed games. It entered the online market in 2009. Following the suspension of online lottery in China, the company suffered huge losses in 2015, which are expected to continue until the suspension is lifted. is a premium online sports lottery provider in China. The service includes the processing and aggregation of online lottery purchases from its registered user accounts as well as substantial revenue from various sources such as service fees for the purchase of sports lottery products from provincial sports lottery administration centres. The company also provides users with an integrated suite of online lottery services, user tools, information and virtual community sites. Besides the integrated suite, the company also offers a range of lottery sales services such as lottery pool purchase, individual lottery purchase, recurring purchase, automatic lottery purchase and lottery number locked. The news service covers all the latest Chinese lottery news, including information on more than 100 provincial-level lottery products and 10 national-level lottery products.

sports hall

Sporttery is a subsidiary of SMG Networks, which is China’s largest media conglomerate. The company operates in television networks, newspapers, magazines and radio, as well as in the production and distribution of films. Some other media operations include IPTV, OTT and streaming, digital advertising, console games, teleshopping, data and financial information services, e-commerce, television post-production services, cultural investments and tourism, etc.

Sporttery has businesses in the field of sports lotteries such as football and basketball. where users must correctly predict the score or winner to win the lottery. Apart from this, Sporttery also offers a traditional lottery service where users have to purchase the ticket with random numbers. The winner of various lottery prizes is determined by the numbers drawn in batches.

Other important suppliers:


310Win, was founded in 2003 and is part of the development of Zhaoqing city.

Lottery 360

It is a subsidiary of Qihoo 360, an internet security industry established in 2003. is a pioneer in the Chinese online lottery market which started its activity in 2001.

Baidu Lottery

The company is a subsidiary of Baidu, the search engine company in China. The company ventured into the online lottery market in 2010.

SINA Lottery

This lottery is a subsidiary of SINA, an online media company. The company is famous for the online sports lottery which is not only limited to football but also basketball and hockey.

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