The reputation of online betting is changing and attracting a whole new generation of bettors


Shady figures sit in dark, smoky rooms with a mountain of crumbling betting slips at their feet. Sound familiar? It was the scene found in betting shops around the world just a few decades ago.

The introduction of online betting has changed the situation. Anyone could register and place bets on their favorite sports and upcoming events. Advancements in technology, such as live odds, have helped increase the popularity of online gambling and have allowed it to attract a whole new generation of bettors.

The social element

Online betting has shifted the focus from winning big money to the social aspect of the experience. Real-world casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic City remain extremely popular, in part due to the social experience they provide.

In recent years, the legalization of online gambling in several states has opened up this social aspect of gambling to more and more people. Currently, 30 states allow online gambling and 17 states allow online sports betting.

New technology makes it even easier to enjoy a more social gaming experience online. Technologies like virtual reality and artificial intelligence are bringing people together in the online world. You no longer need to dress up and go to a physical casino to enjoy the full social experience.

More social responsibility

Gambling has traditionally been associated with crime, but online betting operators have worked hard to revamp their image and present gambling as a much healthier pastime. Commitments to responsible gaming and fair play have revitalized the image of online betting.

People want to know they’re protected when they play. These days, most companies are required to make these commitments if they wish to obtain a license to open an online bookmaker.

Some online betting companies have even engaged in charitable causes and published their carbon consumption rates. The modern consumer cares about the social responsibility of the companies they support. Without giving back to the community, it’s hard for brands to gain traction.

Reliable social proof

It has always been difficult for new players to avoid the minefield of fake sites and brands linked to tax evasion and outright crime. Comparison sites have increased transparency in the industry and helped gamers make responsible decisions.

Comparison sites offer an overview of all major (and minor) players. By giving gamers all the information they need, anyone can feel more comfortable creating an account with an online gaming brand.

The power of mobile technology

Improving mobile technology is arguably the most important influence on the growing popularity of online betting. Almost all of the growth in online betting comes from mobile apps.

Gaming on the go fits into the increasingly busy world we live in. Now people can get involved more easily than ever, even if they only have a few minutes to spare.

The more people discover the innovative applications offered by online betting companies, the more acceptable the practice becomes.

Changing demographics

In many ways, online betting has democratized the world of gambling. You no longer need to be a middle-aged man to feel comfortable placing a bet. People in their twenties, seniors enjoying their retirement, new mothers and everyone in between now find it socially acceptable for them to bet on their favorite sports and events.

What about the lure of the big jackpot?

Generations of punters dating back to the early 1920sand century were drawn to the game by the dream of changing their lives just by hitting this big winner. But is it still a relevant stereotype in the 2020s?

The truth is, most people know that they are unlikely to become millionaires overnight. They know that the profits they make are more likely to translate into a good night out than giving them what they need to completely transform their lives.

And it doesn’t matter.

The new generations are not looking to make money and change their lives, but to have a good time. This is why online betting companies have invested so much in the entertainment aspects of betting.

Sure, winning is fun, but today’s bettors focus more on the overall experience.


Online betting has changed the way gambling is viewed in today’s society. Players now expect something different, and betting companies have risen to the challenge.

New technologies, a change in business practices and a change in the way these brands market themselves are helping to take online betting to a new generation.


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