The growth of online gambling in Africa


With the development of the Internet and smartphones, the online gambling market in the world is growing strongly, especially in Africa. In recent years, the annual growth rate of online betting has been over 10.8%.

This article will introduce you to the betting markets that invaded Africa at that time!


Kenya is one of the most potential online betting markets in Africa. The country released the Gambling Bill to regulate and monitor online betting activities in 2019. At the same time, the government also released tax policy regulations for online gambling, including understood Casino Betway Zambia. Additionally, the Government of Kenya has released a plan to add 20% to the current 15% tax on total revenue from online betting activity.

The population of Kenya is around 7 million and most people love football. Therefore, probably the largest online betting industry in this country is sports betting. Sports betting revenue in Kenya has been growing year on year.


Referring to online betting in Africa, it would be remiss to ignore the mayor of Nigeria. It is one of the biggest betting sites in Africa. This country has a strong economic power and has a lot of conditions and potential to develop the online betting industry. In terms of size, Nigeria is the second largest betting market on the continent.

The biggest turning point in the growth of online betting in Nigeria came in 2004. At that time, the Nigerian government officially lifted the ban on gambling activities. Since then, Nigerians have also taken a grateful look at the online betting, and today most people have accepted and accepted this form of betting. Similar to Kenya, sports betting is a popular form in Nigeria, the most popular of which is European football like the Spanish La Liga and the English Premier League. Some studies show that Nigerians spend around $2 billion on online sports betting every year.

South Africa

Sports betting accounts for the majority of online gambling activity here, accounting for 24% of total revenue. This number is expected to continue to double over the next five years. The number of people participating in sports betting is also very large, representing 50% of the adult population of this country. Golf, cricket, football and rugby are the sports with the highest number of bets here.

Perhaps many people will be surprised to learn that this country currently bans online betting, including slot machines and card games. However, the industry is still thriving. However, this prohibition only applies to manufacturers and service operators. As for the players, they can join all the games.

With the development of technology like today, the online game industry in all countries has a positive development trend. This is no exception in Africa. This is evidenced by research data, analysis, and future revenue projections from the gambling industry. The above information will certainly help you visualize the potential of the online betting market in the Dark Continent.


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