The Future of India’s Online Gambling Industry


Gambling is a beloved pastime in which many people throughout history have found great joy, pleasure, and excitement. However, not all regions of the world have adopted the game as well or as easily as others. As far as some state governments go, gambling falls into a gray area within the moral fabric of society. This is the case in India despite the fact that most of the population regularly gamble even today. Gambling is an incredibly taboo and complex area of ​​discussion in India. It is an incredibly popular recreational activity among the masses, but the Indian government has not always echoed this sentiment.

As the COVID-19 pandemic gripped most of 2020, much of the world was forced to quarantine indoors and minimize mass gatherings in public spaces. In India, there are a few land-based casino establishments in very few states. This is because the regulation of gambling activities falls under the purview of state law. However, once these land-based establishments were forced out of business in response to the pandemic, many people sought out digital landscapes to stock up on their favorite casino games. Find and play on a online casino in india is not technically illegal as citizens are simply accessing offshore casino websites which are not under the jurisdiction of the Indian government.

Why has online gambling become so popular in India?

Much of the rest of the world might consider India’s gambling laws to be archaic. In fact, the main piece of legislation used by the Indian government to enforce gambling regulations is the Gambling Act of 1867. Despite this, the Indian public has not wavered in its modern approaches to gambling. money on digital platforms and websites.

One of the main reasons why gambling has become so popular in India is the sheer accessibility of gambling websites. Again, India is a technologically advanced country, especially when compared to neighboring countries in its region. This means that access to technological devices such as smartphones, tablets and computers with high-speed internet connection is abundant. Earlier it was mentioned that only certain states in the country have laws that legalize gambling in a physical form. This means that people generally have to travel to these states to participate in any type of organized gambling. However, online gambling has effectively eliminated the need to physically travel to these locations to play standard casino games. The process has been drastically reduced to simply jumping onto a specific casino platform and choosing from the variety of games available.

This is another reason why online gambling has become immensely popular. Online casinos are essentially able to mimic the variance and abundance of games that traditional casinos are able to provide. And the best part is that players have access to all these games without even having to leave their homes.

What does the future of online gambling look like in India?

Reports have shown that the online gambling industry in India actually accounts for over 15% of online gambling activity globally. This should come as no surprise as gambling is a nation that has always had a strong gambling culture despite what state law may entail. Apart from that, India is a technologically developed nation with people more adaptive and receptive to emerging technologies and trends. It is estimated that around 80% of the Indian population engages in some form of gambling at least once a year. Experts say that given the current size of the online gambling industry, it will continue to grow by up to 41% by 2024.

There is a lot of pressure on the Indian government to start adopting more modern legislative approaches towards the regulation of gambling in the country. The fiscal opportunities presented by the gambling industry may be too great for any type of developing country. Many countries around the world have used their own gaming industries to help bolster their economies. This should be a serious option to consider, especially as India has suffered heavy economic losses as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic. Either way, the online gambling industry in India will continue to thrive as technology develops to become more sophisticated and accessible to the general public.


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