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Top 5 online games inspired by real life

October 22, 2021


Online video games have long been a place of fantasy and fiction, but the truth is that many production companies have used real-world events as inspiration for their works. And, not only online video games, but some online gambling games inspired by real-life situations can even be found and explored on websites such as Casinovator.

While historical games or games set in the past play an essential role in this context, there are also other unexpected cases. We’ve compiled a shortlist of video games inspired by or based on real-world events for today’s post. However, it is likely that as the story progressed, the games moved away from reality in order to create a more exciting atmosphere for the player.

A lot of the video games we have in our collection are original stories dreamed up by imaginative minds. Yet every once in a while, real events happen that have such an impact on society (for better or worse) that developers can’t help but make video games about them. In many cases where game authors have relied on historical facts to create their games, such as Ryse, Medal of Honor, Assassin’s Creed, Age of Empires, etc., they have drawn inspiration from historical events.

Just as games will always teach us something new, so will stories; many stories in the games were inspired by true stories that happened in the real world. So think about it: if some of us get a little queasy when we watch a movie and we’re told it’s based on real events, imagine playing an online game that tells that story to The first person. Accordingly, we will include five games inspired by historical events to incorporate into the development of this list.

Assassin’s Creed III

Any installment of the Assassin’s Creed franchise contains some truth, even if we’re only left with the numbered third chapter, because Ubisoft’s effort in everything was in contrast to the effort Ubisoft put into everything. . In addition to transporting us to authentically recreated cities, Assassin’s Creed III took us on a journey through the most important battles of the American Revolution.

Valiant Hearts: The Great War

World War I was one of the most underrepresented war conflicts in video game history. However, with its fantastic indie game Valiant Hearts, Ubisoft has strived to tell the story of the conflict in an emotionally moving way. Here, we experienced the conflict through the eyes of various fictional characters, although we encountered many real events.

Call of Duty

The Call of Duty war franchise has evolved over the years to become more of a sci-fi story, with advancements in technology and future warfare playing a bigger role. Years ago, World War II was the sole focus of the series and it was the most popular episode. The game Call of Duty: World at War is a great example of this, as it took us on a journey through Nazi Germany, in search of the end of the Holocaust and the tyranny of the Hitler regime.

silent Hill

Even though the complex and gruesome history of Silent Hill is not based on real events, the town of Silent Hill is. Ideally located in the state of Pennsylvania in the United States, Centralia’s economy was based on mining when Konami decided to develop the game. Unfortunately, after an explosion in the mine claimed the lives of dozens of people and destroyed the city’s prosperity, the residents fled and Centralia became a ghost town similar to Silent Hill in appearance and atmosphere.

Civilization VI

Civilization is yet another of the sagas that have always had a significant historical background and, therefore, have always been based on real events and people. There are historical figures such as Philip II of Spain, Gandhi of India, Peter I of Russia, Queen Victoria of United Kingdom, and Aztec leader Montezuma in the latest episode, which is no exception. In this game, users will be responsible for the expansion and evolution of a civilization.


Throughout human history, there have been events that have marked a before and after in the way society or an individual perceives life. While not always the most “beautiful”, these events have been so ethereal that they have appeared on everything from television to online video games and a city that allows occupying it as a base to create wonders that have remained in our hearts.

If the main purpose of online games is to entertain people and have a good time while doing so, then there will be other more serious works that deal with more mature themes and so on. Online games keep us entertained. They offer us something, because they sometimes introduce us to a hostile world, and at other times they teach us to a happy world, and so on. Video games allow you to interact with a character, explore an area, and be part of an adventure, and that’s what makes them so enjoyable.

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