The best betting sites in OH


Betting markets that could be explored on these sites

Now that we have relatively covered some of the expected sportsbooks that may be coming to Ohio. In anticipation of the launch of these sportsbooks, let’s take a look at some of the very popular betting markets on these sportsbooks.

silver line

It is the simplest sports betting market you can find among all the aforementioned sports betting. It is not surprising that it is widely explored by bettors, given its simplicity. For Money line bets, the bet is practically on who will win the game. As is common with money line odds, one of the teams is depicted as an underdog while the other is depicted as a favorite. The team with the (+) sign attached to the odds is the underdog, while the team with the (-) sign attached to the odds is the favorite.

Points distribution

This is another betting market that is heavily exploited on the betting sites we have discussed above. For the point spread, as the name suggests, you bet on which team wins by a certain point margin. The point spread range varies between the different sports offered at these sportsbooks.

Futures contracts

It is a type of bet that cannot be determined from the outcome of a match, unlike the other betting markets we have discussed. As the name suggests, with a future bet you bet on the outcome of a future event in a competition. For example, you can bet on which team wins the NBA. Futures bets have relatively higher odds than other bets, due to their degree of risk.


This is another option that seems to have a lot of reputation on the major sportsbooks. For total bets you bet on either the total number of points in the game or the total number of goals scored in the game. The way total odds are represented for a wide range of sports is different. For sports like football, for example, the maximum achievable total option is over 7.5. However, for sports like basketball, you can bet on total options up to over 111.5.

Bets on accessories

These are very unique types of bets. It is not surprising that they are also called special bets. These bets cover rare outcomes. For example, a prop bet for an MMA event might be something like who wins the fight in the first 10 minutes. There is a wide range of betting props that are provided on these sites. These types of bets have gained popularity due to the value of their odds.


It is basically an accumulation of several outcomes on a bet slip. Wagering is generally favored by bettors as it can be quite effective. With Parlays, the more options in the bet slip, the higher the risk and, invariably, the higher the reward.

Ohio Sports Betting History

The history of sports betting in Ohio dates back to 1933 when the Ohio State Racing Commission was established. This was an arm set up to serve as a watchdog over horse racing betting operations in the state at the time. For decades, horse racing has become a big deal in the United States, as has betting. It is therefore not surprising that seven of the eleven casinos in Ohio are racinos.

Now, in 2018, Ohio has come the closest to legalizing sports betting in the state. However, at that time, fantasy sports betting was the only form allowed in the United States. This has seen the entry of some of the big names in the sports betting world into Ohio to offer odds on these games. Some of the popular sportsbooks that have come in this era to offer fantasy sports odds are Draftkings, FanDuel, Yahoo and Fantasy Draft. It was a surprise to see Ohio legalize fantasy sports betting, considering the restraint that has been encountered over the years in legalizing sports betting.

The Slow Rise of Online Betting in Ohio

In 2020, there was much more progress regarding the sports betting trial when the House Finance Committee moved forward on the Ohio sports betting bill.

In 2021, new lawmakers and senators like Senator Kirk Schuring championed the process of passing the OH Sports Betting Bill. This battle lasted several months before a victory was recorded in late December when DeWine signed off on the basic SB 176 shape.

Now, it is not a news that sports betting has been considered legal in Ohio and in a few months or before January 2023, many sports betting apps are expected to be created in Ohio.


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