Tamil Nadu government after HC repealed old bill


Intent to put an end to online gambling crimes, Tamil Nadu’s All India Anna Dravida Munnetra Kazhagam (AIDMK) government announced on Wednesday that it would soon pass a new law banning online gambling related to betting and gambling.

The statement comes a day after the Madras High Court repealed a previous online gambling ban in the state.

AIADMK to lobby for new legislation with “appropriate grounds”

The AIADMK-led government of Tamil Nadu has announced that it will make way for new legislation with appropriate rationale as to why certain online games like poker and rummy should be banned.

A press release issued by Tamil Nadu’s Law Minister S Regupathy said that during AIADMK’s rule, the ban was hastily passed, without detailing the valid reasons for such a ban. The minister added that this was the reason why the court had repealed the law.

State Justice Minister S Regupathy said: “The Madras High Court has stated that it (the AIADMK government) has not provided sufficient reasons to justify the introduction of a law banning gambling. Without providing means to properly legalize online gambling, we cannot outright ban all online games, ”and adopted a suspension of the law. In the same verdict, the High Court also said that does not mean that no new laws can be introduced in the future.

“Declaring that the public welfare is important, the chief minister ordered that the law banning online rummy, with valid reasons and the right rules, be published without delay after yesterday’s verdict. The chief minister, when he was leader of the opposition, had said on behalf of the DMK that online rummy should be banned. Therefore, in accordance with the order of the Chief Minister, I am announcing that a law banning online rummy will soon be published, ”added Minister Regupathy.

SC repeals legislation and orders revision of bill

The Madras High Court on Tuesday (August 3rd) repealed the Tamil Nadu government’s amendment to the gambling law. The amendment would have enabled the government of Tamil Nadu led by MP Stalin to ban online games such as poker and rummy played at stakes. In delivering the verdict, a bench of Chief Justice Sanjib Bannerjee and Senthilkumar Ramamoorthy said that such a ban “will be unconstitutional and violate Article 19 (1) (g) of the Constitution of India which allows the right to exercise any profession or to exercise an occupation, trade or business.

The bench also noted that supporting the legislation, passed by the former AIADMK government, can be seen as erratic, unreasonable, excessive and disproportionate. However, the court also added that the state government is expected to introduce a new law banning online gambling. DMK’s justice minister raised this point while stating that the state would soon pass a new law to ban rummy and online poker.

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