Organizations express apprehension over Meghalaya’s move to legalize online gambling and betting for tourists

Several organizations including Meghalaya United Christian Forum (MUCF) have expressed apprehension over the Meghalaya government’s decision to legalize online gambling and betting for tourists coming to the state.

MUCF Secretary Synsharlang Kharshiing said that if gambling, online betting and casinos were legalized, it would have a huge impact on the lives of young and vulnerable men and women and their families, whatever whatever their community and their beliefs.

He said: “Gambling and online casinos could generate a lot of revenue for the government, but the bigger question is whether people are willing to pay the price and are they willing to bear the repercussions of such a company on society as a whole. State government leaders and officials should do some deep introspection before enthusiastically embarking on it without considering the destruction it could cause to present and future generations,” MUCF said in a statement.

Last week, the Minister of Law and Taxation of Meghalaya, James PK Sangma, announced that the state government was planning to introduce online casinos and gambling only for tourists from India. outside the state to generate revenue for the government.

In February this year, the Meghalaya Gambling Prevention Act 1970 was struck down by the state government. The state cabinet has approved the Meghalaya Gambling Regulation Ordinance 2021.

Traditionally there has been gambling in the state along with traditional archery games. However, the state government derives no revenue from these informal bets.


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