Online sports betting in New York is generating billions and counting since the January launch


In just 30 days, New York took in $2 billion in bets – more than any other state in the United States – through newly legalized online sports betting. On Super Bowl weekend alone, New York sports bettors wagered $472.1 million.

New York receives 51% of state sports betting revenue in taxes, and New Yo Kathy Hochul’s budget plan calls for $357 million in fiscal year 2023 from the additional source. By 2026, it estimates $509 million.

“Sports betting has improved the playing field for the average sports fan to make a good living on the side.” Says Jeff Johnson of MSG Networks’ The Betting Exchange, a dynamic roundtable-style show featuring co-host Katie Mox and former New York Jets safety Erik Coleman.

Johnson explains how the average newbie can take a shot at this chance to get into a hot new industry.

“Start with what you can afford to lose.” Says Johnson “Even if you’re not a sports fan, there are plenty of ways to get in on the action. Think sports betting props, and where do you research and learn the trends and remember that Las Vegas isn’t always right.

You can check out Johnson and The Betting Exchange weeknights on the MSG Network.


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