Online sports betting in casinos: pros and cons

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Modern bettors can choose between using sports betting or placing their bets in online casinos. There are many gambling sites that also offer online betting services, and the options have their differences, so the choice should be made wisely. Today we are going to highlight both the pros and cons of each way of placing bets online.

What is the difference?

First of all, it must be understood that even if the betting service offered in an online casino and at a bookmaker is almost the same, there are many crucial differences between the two. Of course, in a typical sportsbook, you won’t be able to play slots and other casino games. The legal regulations for these two ways of betting online are also generally different. Last but not least, sportsbooks usually have apps for mobile apps, while online casinos mostly come in browser versions.

It is also important to know that sites that provide these two services usually tend to focus on one more. So, there are online casinos that have basic betting features and sportsbooks that only offer a few casino games for you to enjoy. There are only a few sites that manage to effectively combine online betting and gambling, maintaining good quality of both services.

Advantages and disadvantages of sports betting

The main advantage of sports betting over online casinos is their focus on sports betting. Rarely do casinos go to such lengths to diversify their markets and cover the widest possible range of sports and events. When betting on sports, you will have more options to choose from and, in most cases, better odds. The short list of advantages of placing bets on a bookmaker will include:

  • better odds;
  • more betting markets and events;
  • additional features such as in-play betting;
  • high quality mobile apps;
  • best terms and conditions.

However, sports betting is not perfect. In comparison to casinos, their most obvious drawback is the lack of casino games. However, most bookmakers do not offer virtual sports betting and are considered gambling under most legislation. The full list of cons of sports betting includes:

  • there are no casino games;
  • virtual sports betting is not available there;
  • there are fewer promotions on sports betting.

Advantages and disadvantages of online casinos

Online casinos generally offer a more comprehensive experience, allowing you to play slots, table games, live dealer games and other casino games while you’re not betting on sports. Having more options to spend quality time on the same platform should definitely be considered a plus. Also, casinos usually have more promotions, tournaments, loyalty benefits, and other ways to get freebies. The full list of their benefits should include:

  • a variety of activities to choose from;
  • you can benefit from generous promotions and reload bonuses;
  • loyalty rewards and tournaments are available;
  • virtual sports betting is supported in many casinos.

As we have already mentioned, casinos rarely have mobile apps, which will surely become a problem for bettors who prefer to place their bets on the go or follow the results on their smartphones and tablets. In addition, casinos usually focus on casino games and offer sports betting in addition to the service. This means that you will only be able to place basic bets and will not have access to advanced features such as in-play betting, match streaming, etc. The full list of casino cons include:

  • a shorter assortment of betting markets;
  • lack of full functionality;
  • casinos generally do not have mobile applications;
  • the focus is usually on the game service.

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