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The first thing is to choose a software provider, the second equally important aspect is an online casino license. Online gambling authorization is essential for working with casinos in target markets. Additionally, official game developers and processing service providers will only work with licensed game websites. Finally, a legal online casino is much more accepted by players who naturally want to try a safe place to Connection between winners and earn real money.

Types of regulators

There are two main types of licenses: an international license, also known as an “offshore license” and a national or country-specific license. International jurisdictions are suitable for projects targeting multiple markets, while internal licenses allow online casinos to operate in a specific country.

Regulated markets include UK, Spain, Belgium, Bulgaria, Romania, Estonia, Portugal, Mexico and others. National regulators often require that not only the casino has an appropriate internal license, but also known software providers, for example Playtech or NetEnt.

There are many international regulators known for gambling. The main point to consider is the reputation of the jurisdiction, the complexity of obtaining a license, payments, taxes, and so on. In this article, you will find all the necessary information on international gaming jurisdictions and their specific conditions.

Popular gaming jurisdictions


Malta has a good reputation in the EU market and is quite well known among operators targeting Europe. The declared royalty is € 2,330 and is also paid € 8,500 per year for the renewal of the license. Gaming taxes are € 4,660 per month for the first 6 months, and € 7,000 per month thereafter. However, it is important to remember that there are significant legal costs associated with the procedure.

The procedure for obtaining a Maltese license is a long and complex process. All applicants must prove themselves and provide a business plan as proof of their business success. You must also provide a copy of the audited accounts and personal information about the shareholders. Online casino software must be tested against various industry standards by the Malta Gaming Authority.

Isle of man

On the Isle of Man the filing fee will cost £ 5,000 (after payment of a non-refundable fee of £ 1,000) and £ 35,000 must be paid annually. Game taxes vary from 0.1 to 1.5% depending on the gross yield of the games. The application process is quite slow. Applicants must have a financial reserve for additional payments, prove their reputation and offer a level playing field. The company will be registered in the Isle of Man, and the servers that will service the online casino must also be located there.

Antigua and Barbuda

Antigua and Barbuda is one of the most respected jurisdictions in this area, but at the same time the most expensive. There is a non-refundable amount of $ 15,000 payable, while $ 100,000 is used for license renewal each year. The application process takes at least 60 days. Before opening a casino, the operator must have a reserve amount of $ 100,000 in the account. The jurisdiction has strict laws and restrictions regarding fraud and money laundering.


Montenegro is a relatively young jurisdiction that provides all-in-one services: licensing, merchant accounts and starting a business. All this will cost € 25,000 the first year, then € 15,000 per year.


Curacao (Netherlands Antilles) is certainly the best solution with optimal time and budget conditions. Unsurprisingly, this is the most popular jurisdiction for the gaming industry. The entity or licensed individual will need to incorporate in Curacao through trusted partners who act on behalf of the government of Canada. Curacao. The process of registering and purchasing licenses takes several weeks and can be done remotely. Unlike some countries, Curacao does not require casino servers to be stored on its territory, however, regular database backups to a local server will still be required.

To sum up

Each jurisdiction has its own website, which clearly describes the rules and all responsibilities for the quality control of casinos and online games. It will take a lot of time and effort to analyze the conditions, apply for a license, provide all the necessary documentation about the company and establish communication with the licensing authority. All of this may not be difficult, but it will take some time and knowledge.

Whichever jurisdiction you choose, the main thing is that it is an official and recognized license. If the gambling establishment you have chosen has the necessary legal documents, such a gambling establishment is trustworthy. This means that the games will be fair, the winnings will be real, the competitors will be real, and the playing comfort will also be higher than in unverified online casinos.


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