Online games where horses take center stage


In some parts of the world, horses are part of everyday life, whether in the UK and Ireland, where bettors and sports fans in general are passionate about horse racing, or in the United States, where cowboy culture is still prevalent. as it always has been. Plus there’s these big events like national hunts races that take place on courses like Aintree and Cheltenham, and bucking bronco competitions in Texas, which bring horse culture to a wider audience. These are just a few of the ways game developers around the world are inspired to include these long-nosed beasts in their titles, whether they’re mobile button bashers or full-fledged PC games. Here we detail some of the best horse racing games that exist on the online ether, so that horse lovers and sports bettors everywhere can get your fill of horse racing action.

Horse racing games are rare, but there are some that manage to capture the excitement of being a professional jockey, trainer or owner.

Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge

Phar Lap is widely recognized as one of the finest racehorses to ever be saddled and is quite possibly the finest thoroughbred racer to ever come out of New Zealand. It is a measure of the fame of the horse that this amazing racing game bears its name.

This game, available on mobile, PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo Switch, deals with the vagaries of flat racing, putting the reins of the best racehorses in the hands of players.

Players will soon discover that there is more to horse racing than meets the eye, with a jockey needing to fully understand what drives his mount, so he knows when to whip, when to whisper to him at ear and when to pick up the pace. full power, as the winner’s message appears.

It’s a great game for players who want to learn more about the distant courses that exist in places like Japan, Australia, and the United States. There’s also stellar multiplayer, meaning up to eight players can saddle up and battle it out on the flat terrain.

Horse Racing Rival Stars

A game that often gets confusing for Phar Lap Horse Racing Challenge; the similarities exist because both games are the brainchild of Kiwi gaming company PikPok. However, Rival Stars Horse Racing is as much about the business behind the sport as it is about the racing itself.

Players inherit a ranch, which they can take in any direction they want, but ultimately it’s the victories on the track that will bring home the bacon to secure the future of your ranch.

This extra layer of storytelling means this racing game is a cut above many of its rivals. It is available to play on Mac, PC, mobile, and PlayStation, and works equally well on all platforms.

For any gamer who wants to know exactly what the teams behind the world’s greatest racehorses go through on a daily basis, this is both an informative and truly immersive title.

dual shock controllers

Console gamers will need to play games from different genres in order to find the best games inspired by horses, many of which live in huge open-world environments.

Horse Haven: Global Adventures

Of course, riding isn’t limited to jump and flat racing, with most private horse owners choosing to ride them in a much more leisurely fashion.

Stables are where most of a horse’s and owner’s time is spent, and Horse Haven: World Adventures recognizes this, providing a platform on which horse enthusiasts or budding pony owners can build and repair their own stable complex.

The game is only available on mobile and is inspired by games such as The Sims and Farmville. Once players have built a ranch, they are then encouraged to open more, or even venture into global, open-ended equestrian facilities everywhere from Europe to Asia.

Other cool touches that appear during gameplay are mini-games such as obstacle courses, as well as the ability to breed mythical horse breeds.


Taking things one step further than Horse Haven: World Adventures, Howrse ditches cartoon-style graphics and focuses on delivering a horse breeding and breeding sim that’s as close to the real thing as possible.

It won’t take long for gamers to realize that it takes time and effort to be successful at this game, but for those who are willing to get down to business and know the ropes, it can be a truly experience. rewarding.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Most people would imagine that the best horse riding experiences in an online game would come from those titles that only specialize in horse riding. Unfortunately, this is not always the case with riders needing to broaden their playing horizons if they want to find exactly what they want.

Such is the case with Red Dead Redemption 2, which pits man and horse against an unforgiving landscape full of threats and dangers. One of the most enjoyable things about this game is the ability to travel astride between missions and areas of the vast game map. After a while, players will be forgiven for thinking they have real saddle sores.

Ghost of Tsushima

In a similar vein to Red Dead Redemption 2, this open-world game isn’t just about riding, yet the landscapes and vistas that both rider and mount can experience are nearly unparalleled in gaming.

Rather than the Wild West world that is offered to players in Red Dead Redemption 2, Ghost of Tsushima players are treated to a time and place where samurai warriors ruled ancient Japan.

Particularly satisfying things to do in this game include riding your horse through long, flowing grass. Another great idea is that all horses in the game are virtually invincible, so riders don’t have to worry about excessive animal cruelty during gameplay.


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