Online gambling led to unnatural death of woman, Crime Branch says



The Crime Branch investigation into the unnatural death of a 26-year-old woman from Koyilandy has shed light on her involvement in an online lottery game by spending almost ₹1.75 crore. The surprising investigation report reveals that the young woman, addicted to gambling, even pawned her 36 sovereigns of gold ornaments without the knowledge of her family.

The inquest was launched into the incident after his family members and the local action committee expressed doubts about the cause of death. In the initial phase, the ₹80 lakh financial transactions she made using Unified Payment Interfaces (UPI) applications were the main reason for suspicion. There were also suspicions that the woman was exploited by unknown money lenders.

It was on December 12, 2021 that the woman, who worked in the store of a private telecom company, was found dead in her house. The details of the suspicious financial transactions came to light very recently. Her family members were unaware of these financial transactions because no friend or colleague approached her with such demands. She also did not work with the accounting department of any multinational company, which allowed her to carry out such large transactions.

According to law enforcement sources, the woman had not disclosed anything to her family members or friends about the huge financial transactions she had made using her two personal bank accounts. Since UPI apps were used for remittances, it was very difficult to track sender and recipient details in the first phase, they said.

The Crime Branch team discovered that the woman had become addicted to online gambling nearly two years ago. All significant transactions took place 12 months before his death. She was reportedly excited by the small rewards she received in the first round of games. Later, she continued to lose money and borrow it from various online e-money lenders to continue gambling.


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