Online betting sites in Australia: choose the best


There’s no better place to place bets and maximize winnings than Australia, home to some of the biggest and most prestigious betting sites in the world. The features of each platform are tailored to people’s tastes, reflected in their services.

Examples include no-repository features such as australia no deposit bonus codes 2022, quick bets and a diverse selection of deposit and withdrawal options. Due to the availability of Australian online betting, you can place bets on a range of sporting events from the comfort of your own home. Some betting options include horse racing, football and other activities.

Best Australian Online Betting Sites

This article contains a list of online betting sites and bookmakers in Australia, which will help you select the most suitable online betting site for your needs. An in-depth analysis of the best Australian betting websites is presented, covering everything from placing a bet to collecting your winnings and everything in between.

Unless otherwise stated, the betting sites on this list are Australian-based, duly licensed and reputable for their integrity. You can be sure that you are placing your bets with bookmakers who offer their bettors top notch services. The betting sites also offer the best odds and the fastest and easiest ways to place your bets and win big.

Where to bet in Australia?

The Australian online betting industry is a very lucrative field that constantly attracts new players, and revenues exceed millions of dollars in the country. So everyone is looking for a comprehensive, accurate and comprehensive list of the best Australian betting sites. In order to select the best betting sites in Australia for punters to choose from, it is essential to look at a range of features including odds availability, highest possible odds, ability to watch live events , the diversity of accessible markets , as well as promotional offers and special offers. These characteristics significantly distinguish betting sites from each other. The Australian sports betting industry is already teeming with a range of known and trusted names. Here is a list of some of the best Australian betting sites available to punters:

  • bet365
  • betting fair
  • Unibet
  • Ladbrokes


The Bet365 betting site is famous in Australia and other parts of the world. Due to its robustness, you can bet on a wide variety of sports while maintaining a simple interface. Competitive odds are specially designed for punters to profit and profit from massive withdrawals. Bet365’s mobile app and desktop website allow bettors to view live sporting events and matches while placing their bets. Aside from the Champions League group and knockout stages, Bet365’s big football accumulator bonus includes the top domestic leagues in Europe.

Combo bets on leagues such as the Premier League in England, Serie A in Italy, Primera Liga in Spain, Bundesliga 1 in Germany and Ligue 1 in France can result in bonuses of up to 70%. You can play a pre-match accumulator of three or more selections in the standard Full-Time Result and Both Teams to Score or Result/Both Teams to Score markets with Bet365. To Score allows you to bet on any of these matches with multiple teams and get a bonus if your team wins. If a wager has been paid in full, the bonus will not qualify. If a bet is partially cashed, the bonus is calculated according to the stake that remains in play.


  • Australian sports, poker and casinos are all available at Bet365.
  • Bet365 offers a wide selection of high quality odds for punters.
  • Bet365 offers as many live events as possible.
  • Bet365 covers sports from Australia and around the world.
  • Many options for making a payment or withdrawing funds are available.

The inconvenients:

  • Existing customers do not get as many discounts and promotions.
  • Bet365 has been accused by many of restricting their betting accounts.

betting fair

Betfair is a well-known name in the online gaming and betting industry. It is one of the largest and most active betting exchanges in the world, with plenty of liquidity spread across its markets. For many years, Betfair has strived to be the best provider of betting exchange services. Unlike the other brands on this list, Betfair is not primarily a bookmaker. Its trading systems not only allow you to bet on the outcome, but also against it, which is known as “lay betting”. Betfair has some of the best odds available, and many punters use it to diversify their bets.


  • Betfair allows punters to place bets for and against specific outcomes.
  • If you want to bet on sporting events, Betfair is a great place to start.
  • Betfair offers a wide range of sports betting options.
  • Betfair has the most liquidity of all betting markets.
  • Betfair is often the first bookmaker to provide odds.

The inconvenients:

  • With such a large market, it can be difficult for bettors, especially beginners, to decide where exactly to bet.
  • Betfair suffers from a lack of licenses in many countries.


Unibet is a company that offers online betting and was established in 1998. It has gained popularity among players due to its timely payouts and some of the best online betting markets. The company was established in Malta and has licenses in that country and in the UK. Unibet, unlike other Australian bookmakers, is a one stop shop. Since the brand’s inception in Australia, the goal has been to provide members with the most diverse betting options possible. This is why there are so many events and markets covered daily.

This bookmaker currently has more than 3.6 million users from all over the world who have already registered. offers a varied selection of games. These include online sports betting, poker and live betting, among other activities.


  • Unibet is a globally recognized bookmaker.
  • Unibet offers live streaming functionality.
  • Unibet provides additional day-to-day market functionality.
  • Unibet offers massive market depth and a Unibet vault.

The inconvenients:

  • There are many country limitations in Unibet.
  • Only international calls are offered on Unibet.


Ladbrokes is widely regarded as one of the best bookmakers for horse racing and football betting. Ladbrokes also covers a wide selection of different sports, and these are just a few of them. This includes a variety of sports such as rugby, golf and tennis. After signing up, you will see how polished the interface of Ladbrokes is.

This bookmaker has long offered odds on Australian classics like cricket. Ladbrokes never runs out of odds, no matter the season or competition.


  • A premier cricket betting site with a long history.
  • T20 odds and above can be found at this cricket betting site.
  • Cricket markets have high odds.
  • A safe and easy to use sports betting app.
  • Payment options are available in Australia.


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