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There are many local bettors in Nigeria today who are regular online gamblers. However, Nigeria is among the nations that have taken the online lottery bus late. Online lottery became a legal business in the country in 2005 and the country now has a list of licensed operators. Since its legalization, it has been a trend among legal local bettors. However, you must be over 18 to play legally. Keep reading this article to learn how the online lottery has changed the game in Nigeria.

Here are the positives from the influence the online lottery has had on the country’s gaming community:

  • Convenience
  • Entertainment
  • Instant payments
  • Instant game results
  • Incredible bonuses and jackpots

1. Convenience

Since the introduction of online lottery in Nigeria, local punters easily play their games online through the use of internet-enabled devices. It is much easier to play from home rather than going to a lottery gaming center to place your bets, which could be a stressful experience. Another positive is that local players can play lottery games anywhere and anytime.

2. Entertainment

Another definite thing about playing the lottery online is the entertainment involved. Aside from the amazing prizes that could be won, nothing beats the excitement of waiting each week for the results of the game. Since it has become a trend, most local bettors choose online lotteries as their favorite play center because of the fun they provide.

3. Instant Payments

Much like online sports betting quick payouts after a World Cup qualifying match, online lotteries are popular among Nigerian punters for their instant payouts. The longest it would take if there were no complications with the games you played is 24 hours. It would be paid directly to your bank account or any preferred payment method of your choice. In addition, payments will be fast and free of charge.

4. Instant game results

Before the legalization of online lottery in the country, local bettors had to visit the lottery gaming center to find out the results of the game. Today, however, online lottery results can be checked stress-free. As long as your device is connected to the internet, you can access game results whenever and wherever you are.

5. Accessibility

Online lottery is more accessible than land-based gaming centers in Nigeria. If you play your games online, you won’t need to go through the rush policy and interference of land-based game centers. All you have to do is get an internet-connected device and log in to online lottery websites.

Moreover, you can visit the website anytime without limitation as they have no closing hours. On top of that, there can be no congestion as there is enough room for every local punter to play their games online. Other than that, if you’re playing online, you’ll have plenty of time to strategize and bet your games.

6. Incredible bonuses and jackpot

Nigerian online lotteries like Indian lotteries offer amazing bonuses to their new and existing customers. If you play lotteries online, you might have a chance of winning big like the Indian lottery jackpot. However, terms and conditions apply. Note that you will need to fund the account you create on the online lottery website to be eligible for the bonus.


There are many regular online lottery players in Nigeria because of the benefits that come with it. You too can enjoy these benefits. However, bet responsibly.


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