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There is no easier casino game than slot machines. However, games of chance are unique and offer rules that must be known to avoid possible errors, so the player must know what it consists of, what are the types, what can he expect and what can he win. So read on if you want to know all about the rules of slot machines and games of chance. Click here for more details

The basic mechanism of slot machines for making bets online is so simple that it works almost the same for the rest of casino games. It consists of pressing the mouse button to activate the reels of the grid. At this point, the symbols spin and stop on the first spin, generating a row and a random combination of symbols, which may mean you win a certain amount or you have to try again.

Besides the screen on which the symbols are displayed, you can see even smaller screens. It usually displays the total win, as well as the total you can still use when placing a bet. It should be mentioned that individual symbols have different payout values, so each combined group offers a different prize. In addition, among the symbols there are also some that have special functions that we will explain below.

Free spins feature

Casino slot machines often offer hidden play among base combinations and it is the free spins feature that is triggered randomly with groups of special symbols. This is an advantage for the player because he has the possibility of winning with new combinations without spending his balance.

wild symbols

Wild symbols are commonly found in almost all video slot machines. These symbols appear on the screen to replace other regular symbols to complete a winning combination. Very useful when, for example, two symbols are combined and only one is missing to generate a win, it lands the Wild which will make it possible to form the necessary group.

Scatter or Scatter symbol

The scatter is a symbol that only brings luck. Most of the time, with the random combination of three or more scatter symbols, the slot machine unlocks bonuses such as: free spins, respins and others bonuses which are very valuable for players.

wild stacked

Stacked Wilds is an option that many providers have incorporated into new releases of slots. Stacked wilds do not occupy a single space on the reel, but completely invade it, increasing the chances of generating winning combinations by replacing regular symbols.

Different types of slot machines

Progressive Jackpot Slots

This type of slot machine is part of a network of slot machines with the same title, which accumulates a jackpot that increases with the percentage of bets not won by other players. This pot or jackpot is the maximum prize waiting for a single player to get the right combinations to spin it.

classic slot machines

This slot machine retains the essence of classic slot machines with a single payline and three reels. They usually have fruit symbols and a vintage graphic appearance.

video slots

The latest technology is video slots, with 3D graphics, multiple paylines and can include progressive jackpots. With these video slots, the developers have been carried away with creativity so that you can have a game with great special effects and at the same time functions with bonuses and big jackpots.


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