Kentucky Lottery to launch online games


The Kentucky Lottery announced on Tuesday that it has launched the sale of several products online, including Powerball and Mega Millions.

Eligible players can create an account at and purchase Powerball, Mega Millions and Kentucky Cash Ball draw games. At launch, five Instant Play games ranging in price from 50 cents to $3 will be available, with more to be introduced in the future.

“Our customers are aging, and in order to sustain our business, we need to be more attractive to a younger population that is accustomed to making the majority of their retail purchases online,” said Arch Gleason, president and CEO of Kentucky. Lottery. “This group is very mobile and expects brands to be accessible online and on their devices. We deliver what they want.

Gleason said the shift to online sales shouldn’t be interpreted as competition to the Kentucky Lottery’s 3,200 retailers.

“Brick and mortar retailers are and will continue to be the most important part of our business,” he said.

  • Players will be able to fund their account online to play at stores that sell lottery tickets. Retailers will receive their standard 5% commission for selling these products.
  • For at least the first six months of Internet lottery sales in Kentucky, players who add funds to their accounts by purchasing at least $20 of account funding on a single transaction at physical retailers will receive an additional $5 in Bonuses Bucks in their online account. .
  • The lottery will continue to invest in retailers, recently adding 300 new Gemini ticket machines and 250 new jackpot panels. The lottery will also continue to partner with retailers on co-promotions that will help drive traffic to their stores. Two other states currently sell lottery tickets via the Internet: Michigan and Georgia. “In the first full year of internet lottery sales in Michigan, they saw a 6% increase in traditional brick-and-mortar business. In the first full year of Internet lottery games in Georgia, they saw a 4% increase in traditional brick-and-mortar business,” “The key here is that overall sales increased at retail once Internet sales have started in those two states, and we anticipate that to be true in Kentucky,” Gleason said. Gleason also said the platform was designed with a number of responsible gaming controls in place to protect players. “Our system has been designed to follow the responsible internet gambling standards developed by the National Council on Problem Gambling. Our limits are among the most conservative in the country and continue our long history of providing games in the Commonwealth in the manner the most socially responsible one available,” Gleason said.
  • Warranties include:

    Maximum account deposit limits of $200 per day, $500 per week and $1,000 per month. These limits can be lowered by players at any time, and if they subsequently increase them, a 24-hour cooling-off period is in place before new limits are activated.

    Identity verification to confirm that a player is over 18 years old.

    Self-exclusion from the site, meaning they will not be able to access any of the site’s betting features.

    In conjunction with the KY Council on Problem Gambling, the Lottery will soon endorse the addition of text and chat capability to the 1-800-GAMBLER service. Players who don’t feel comfortable speaking with someone who has questions about the issue will be able to text or chat with experts who can help them.

    Other features such as a visible game clock available at all times showing game duration, display of bets, wins, losses and cash account balances, and free or demo games with same payout percentages and odds as games available for purchase.

    The platform’s sales in its first full year (FY17) are estimated at $7 million. In contrast, overall lottery sales for the current fiscal year are expected to be $994.5 million.

    SOURCE: Kentucky Lottery


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