Is online gambling legal in Costa Rica?


The growth of the online gambling industry cannot go unnoticed and the change in the gambling industry has impacted many other industries. With the rise of technology, online gambling has become accessible to all parts of the world.

The improvement in the online gambling industry and the surge in social distancing and isolation have made this industry one of the fastest growing industries on the planet.

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However, even if you only need Internet access to start playing online, most countries have imposed laws and regulations specifically focused on online gambling. One of the reasons is that countries want to keep money out of the country which is why they are forcing home casino businesses.

Some countries that are stuck in the old days still have strict rules of the game and refuse to accept the growth of the online gambling industry. One of those countries with complex laws and regulations in Costa Rica.

Is online gambling legal in Costa Rica?

Currently, the laws of Costa Rica do not allow citizens of that country to engage in online gambling. However, they don’t have the same approach to gambling when it comes to their state gambling, which is legal.

Junta de Potección de Social, their state lottery operator, has created a monopoly on all other forms of gambling except casinos.

They have a strict law prohibiting locals from betting on any form of gambling with random outcome, which is the most popular. Online casino games like slot machines. The situation is different for land-based casinos which operate under a special license and authorization from the Department of Public Safety for tables, tablet computers and gaming machines.

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Since the casino industry contributes a lot to the economy of the country, they cannot get rid of the land-based casino industry just because it offers more benefit than harm.

So, anyone wishing to start a casino business in Costa Rica must obtain a gambling license, especially for online gambling. Even though online gambling is illegal, the government is prepared to license open businesses in Costa Rica. Due to the favorable taxes and cheap licenses, this is a fairly straightforward process that has inspired many people to start a gambling business in Costa Rica.

Thus, players cannot access foreign gambling websites, but people have found a way to easily bypass this gambling law. Basically, accessing foreign online gambling websites with a VPN or through a server located in a country where online gambling is legal would be legal.

Costa Rica is a lucrative online gambling venue that offers many benefits to investors, making it an offshore tax haven. It’s strange to say, especially for a country that bans online gambling.

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That said, Costa Rica is one of the Caribbean’s most popular licensed gambling destinations. However, this does not affect the quality of licenses issued just because they are considered the second worst of the most popular offshore licenses.

First of all, it is quite easy to get license for online gambling said, that is the first red flag. Second, companies do not receive genuine online gambling licenses. Instead, they get data processing licenses just like in Panama. In addition, Costa Rica’s licenses are barely framed, which poses a risk for players on these sites.

Having said that, the situation in Costa Rica for online gambling still operates in the gray area. Gamers are not allowed to play online on foreign websites, although most people bypass this regulation by using a VPN. On the other hand, the country is willing to license every casino company based in the country just to support their local economy.

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