India’s Growing Online Betting Demand Explained

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Online betting is considered a national sport in India, and the market is experiencing a renaissance. More and more players are turning to sports betting with each passing day. The old land-based bookmakers have now almost disappeared. With the ease of Internet access, a large part of the bet.

Although the betting market is not as old as other parts of the world like the UK, India might surpass them in number of players per capita. Factors such as demographics, technology, and regulatory bodies heavily affect the betting landscape in India.

The Reasons for the Rise of Online Betting in India

Gamers are earning income in the industry, making it a huge temptation for the younger generation who believe in getting rich quick. As a result, young people happen to be the most active consumers in this area. Online betting is fun and helps people relax while hoping to make some quick extra cash.

However, these games have a downside because they are addictive and can quickly plunge people into irreversible physical and mental damage when they lose money. You might wonder why people get involved in online gambling and betting, but it has disastrous effects. Here’s why :

1. The COVID-19 surge

India is passionate about sports and is now moving towards a new sporting activity. The coronavirus pandemic has forced people to stay home resulting in too much browsing and an introduction to many things like betting.

With such use of the Internet, it has caused an increase in traffic on betting sites. The idea of ​​having fun while watching your favorite team play and earning income is quite a draw. The global gambling market is worth billions of dollars and India is an active part of this world.

2. India revives betting

The twists of the game are old in India from Mahabharata, Ludo, house games and evolved into the current scenario. Today all games are available online including cards, poker, sports, and enthusiasts can watch, play and bet on their favorite team for cash prizes online.

Nearly 40% of the population participates in betting, and more are increasingly interested in the iGaming market, which is why the betting market is growing day by day.

3. Technological advancement

Thanks to technology, the gambling industry has almost wiped out land-based bookmakers and replaced them with online platforms offering the same. The internet’s collaboration with AI technology makes gaming easier, leaving gamers fascinated and eager to spend more time surfing.

4. Economic reform

Sports betting improves iGaming industry numbers worldwide. Asia-Pacific is one of the country’s leaders in the betting market thanks to the availability of the Internet and a large population of young people with mobile phones. The revenue generated from sports betting and iGaming is a huge boost to the Indian economy, according to the Indian Gaming Federation.

5. International Interventions

The online betting industry is booming which has attracted international companies to market their brands in India. Apart from the opportunities created, players enjoy gambling activities as they are exciting and support the economy of the country as a whole.

It is now a global affair, and India is at the center of the betting field, which protects its current and future betting platforms. Online games are growing rapidly and the industry is expected to take over the country as the main revenue contributor.

6. It’s a popular online hobby

Betting is a productive pastime for many people in India, making it the most coveted market. Online bookmakers are cracking down because land-based platforms were restricted to certain states and people, which means it’s not for everyone. The online platform, however, welcomes anyone across India.


Online betting is an international market that today trades in the trillions of dollars. The main attraction is the money which makes it significant, following young people who want to get rich overnight, and who are also most Internet users. Online betting is a source of relaxation and entertainment, and it can become addictive over time. It is the player’s responsibility to play carefully and soundly to avoid falling victim to the harmful activities associated with the industry.

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