How mobile gaming changed the world of online betting


Our lives increasingly depend on mobile devices. In the UK, the average tech-savvy Brit spends 24 hours a week on mobile devices. In some countries, people spend more than six hours a day on their smartphones.

Mobile gamers, in particular, love their devices. They are cheap, user-friendly and have the latest gaming technology. Here we have described the impact of online mobile games sports betting. Let’s dive into it.

Sports betting on mobile

Many sportsbooks in 2021 have mobile web apps or native apps that you can use to bet through your iOS or Android devices. Web apps work through browsers such as Google Chrome, Firefox, Safari, and Microsoft Edge. On the other hand, you need to install a native app on your iPhone or Samsung Galaxy phone.

Either way, mobile betting offers a convenient way to interact with sports betting via smartphones. The beauty of it all is that mobile bookmakers are on par with their desktop counterparts in providing quality services.

You can bet on your favorite sport on your iPhone. You can claim bonus, deposit and withdraw money hassle-free. In light of this information, an increasing number of bettors prefer betting via mobile rather than desktop.

Greater market reach

When you think about it, a large percentage of bettors wouldn’t be bettors without mobile games. To say more, more than 50% of internet users browse the internet through mobile gadgets.

This is especially true for developing countries, where up to 80% of people use smartphones to access the internet. Even in developed countries, more people use smartphones to bet than laptops.

Part of the reason is that mobile devices are cheaper than PC computers. But the main reason is that these devices provide more comfort. You can take your iPhone out on the subway and place a bet on horse racing. Or you can place a bet while you’re on your bed.

Another reason why mobile betting is so popular has to do with technology. Today, innovation allows mobile users to enjoy the same features that you can find on a desktop betting website.

Affordable banking services

Mobile gambling came before online betting. Back then, making transactions via a smartphone was a nightmare. Many banks blatantly refused gambling-related payments. Moreover, there were few e-wallets and credit cards supporting the industry.

Over time, banks and digital payment methods have embraced the mobile gaming industry. Then these companies accepted online betting. Today, depositing and withdrawing money from a mobile bookmaker is seamless.

There are plenty of choices, from Visa and MasterCard to PayPal and Bitcoin. Most payment methods do not charge deposits. However, betting sites tend to charge withdrawals, even if they are small amounts.

The thing is, banking at betting sites has improved thanks to mobile gaming. He paved the way for mobile bettors by convincing banks to take a chance on the industry.


Gamification is a concept that integrates game elements with marketing, education, business or entertainment. Think Loyalty Points, Daily Missions, and Bonus Booster Bars. Betting sites use these applications to attract new customers or to retain them.

Although it is a new concept, it is growing rapidly due to its success. You see, people love to play games online. They are constantly signing up for surveys. They compete to accumulate points or defeat their virtual opponents.

And if there are rewards for earning, they could interact with a website regularly. In other words, gamification is a powerful marketing strategy that the betting industry has borrowed from the gaming industry.

Standardization of gifts

There’s no doubt that the mobile gaming industry loves giving freebies. Accomplishing something as trivial as creating an account earns you some sort of gift. Winning a battle or completing a mode attracts even greater rewards.

In the betting industry, giveaways are fast becoming part of the industry. Most websites and apps give you a free bet as soon as you create an account. They give you more rewards after making your first deposit.

Like mobile games, mobile sportsbooks vary in the quality of their rewards. Some betting apps give you better deals than others. Because of this background, knowing what to look for when looking for free bets is essential.

As a tip, read the fine print. Find out how much you need to deposit to claim a reward. Find out if you can use it to bet on your favorite sport. Above all, find out the details of what you need to do to cash out your bonus profits.

A focus on user experience

The mobile gaming industry uses technology to make mobile games as interactive as possible. You no longer have to settle for lesser quality games because you are using an Android device.

And this is also true for the mobile betting sector. Ten years ago, all you could do on a mobile app was predict the winner of a game in a popular sport. Today you can predict all kinds of results, including the next manager to be fired.

Apart from the betting markets, the apps have also improved their functionality. Logging in to your account, comparing matches and betting is actually seamless. Moreover, you can stream sports and bet on live games which was not possible at the start of the industry.

A global approach

The average betting app in 2021 does not only focus on football and basketball. It is not an application that only accepts Visa and MasterCard. Today’s betting apps are comprehensive when it comes to banking, bonuses, marketing, and everything in between.

You can even play casino games on a betting app. And as mentioned, some apps allow you to stream your favorite sports. Another thing you can do is read sports news and get live updates.


Much of the success in the online betting industry came after the breakthrough of mobile gaming. The rapid growth of mobile gaming has inspired betting companies to invest in the industry.

Luckily, sports betting has been diligent in winning the hearts of mobile bettors. They offer high-quality experiences, from creating odds to bonuses. This way, people feel motivated to use their iPhones and Android smartphones to bet.


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