How Legalizing the Online Gambling Market Helps Ontario Gamblers


The United States has always been more puritanical than Canada when it comes to online gambling. Although home to Sin City and Monopoly City, the United States has been much stricter than its northern neighbor when it comes to legalizing online gambling. But the tide seems to be turning. Several US states have already legalized online gambling and started regulating online providers to give players a place to gamble and add money to local coffers.

Canada has long allowed players to play in online casinos, provided they are based in non-Canadian jurisdictions. These are generally regulated by authorities in Europe and the Caribbean. However, Ontario residents will soon have access to online casinos regulated by local authorities, including the Alcohol and Gaming Commission of Ontario and the Government of Ontario. What does this mean for Ontario players?

This article will explore the new reality Ontario gamers will experience when their online gambling marketplace opens later this year.

What is Ontario doing?

At the opening of its new market, currently scheduled for April 4and, 2022, Ontario will be the first province to offer a private online betting market. Some analysts believe it could be one of the biggest of its kind in North America, sparking much discussion about the future of online gambling in Canada.

The move comes after the local government acknowledged that turning current offshore casino players, of which there are many across the province, into players at government-approved legal casinos was safer for players and a potential source of money. income.

Since the announcement of the decriminalization of gambling in Ontario, as well as their intention to open up a new market, operators have rushed to obtain a license. Nearly 30 of them had applied for registration in February 2022, just one month after the announcement. Of course, not all of them received a license, but eleven operators succeeded. That’s an impressive number for a market that’s not yet open, and players will be spoiled for choice in April.

But why is the legalization of gambling so important and what impact does it have on the players themselves?

Safer online gambling

Ontario’s legal marketplace will give players access to highly respected operators that the government has approved to only approve those with the ability to provide Canadian players with a safe, high-quality experience.

Another advantage of legal online casino games is the presence of bonuses for new players. Most online casinos offer their new users a welcome package designed to help them get started and dive right into their favorite games.

There are a number of bonus types, some of the most popular being deposit bonuses and free spins bonuses. The first is a bonus that matches the player’s deposit of a certain percentage and up to a certain amount. A 100% deposit bonus up to $200, for example, will effectively double players’ initial deposits, giving them up to $200 in bonus funds.

Free spins are another popular bonus. As the name suggests, this offer gives players free spins which they can use on different slot machines. Note that these slot machines are often selected by the casino, which means that players do not have the option of choosing the game they would like to experience.

Access to major casinos

As mentioned above, legal casino players have access to high quality, licensed online operators. But what exactly do these providers do for their players?

Any reputable online casino licensed in Ontario will offer players a few different benefits. An official license ensures that the operator is held accountable for the condition of their games. Licensed operators will face heavy fines if they provide titles that are altered to be unfair to players or hide information about how the game works. This is one of the reasons why playing with licensed casinos is a safer bet than playing with offshore options.

Access to the most popular game providers is another reason to love registered casinos. As mentioned, offshore casinos sometimes pirate their games and thus compromise their quality. Official online casinos offer the best titles directly from the most innovative developers on the market. These games are updated and bug-free, ensuring a great gaming experience.

Are you excited about the opening of Ontario’s new online gambling market? From safer transactions to better games, players have a lot to gain from the decision.


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