How do you know if you are addicted to online gambling?


Online gambling can have a kind of disguise, so you won’t know exactly what’s going on. You keep running the games and you justify the wasted time or non-productivity you face with ugly and ridiculous reasons. Drug addiction is a tough place to live. Everyone could face it in our lives which are run by the internet. But it is treatable. The best way to manage it is to look for its signs to stop it before it spreads. We will talk about the signs that show if you are addicted to online gambling. But before that, check out the list of best bitcoin casinos.

You can’t concentrate

As an addict, you might lose your sense of time. Nights and days turn into hours of playtime, and you treat them like they’re there for you to waste on your games. You spend your free time playing live casino games online and you do not recognize the other obligations that you are missing. You start to forget what was on your to-do list. You start to mix working days with weekends. You skip work; you might even say goodbye to sunlight. You just want to play, which causes you to lose your grip on other things in your life.

I don’t know when to stop

When you play online for many hours without interruption and fail to recognize the importance of the situation, you might face a real problem knowing when to stop playing. A drug addict cannot tell the true time. All they care about is playing one more game; whether the results are a win or a loss, they always want to play another one. They will not accept a refusal. Losing affects them personally, and they dig deeper without realizing that they are losing much more important things than a single game. If you are having such out of control issues, try to take a step back and stop playing online for a while.

You lie about your gambling habits

Drug addicts tend to lie about their online gambling habits. They feel people would ask about the problem, see the red flags in their behavior and panic. That’s why they use the lie as an escape. If you don’t tell the truth about your gambling routine or hide your plans that include playing live casino games, you could be an addict who is subconsciously ashamed and doesn’t want people to find out. Try to engage your friends with game rituals.

Risking money you don’t have

The addiction will get worse when she stops being alone and you reach online gambling addiction. It’s not just about wasting time because you’re risking money. Things are going to move very fast for you, and you won’t see what’s coming right away. When addicts get to the point where they have lost the money they had allocated for gambling, they cannot resist and start using the money that has been budgeted for other things. Like food or rent, college money maybe. Either way, you would lose money for no good reason.

Prioritize gaming over your daily routine

When you feel the need to keep playing online no matter what. Like skipping needed appointments or asking for sick leave from work to make sure no game is out of your reach. This should give you a few questions, and you should then seek to fix the problem rather than ignore it. Prioritizing gaming over your daily routine will develop a habit of procrastinating or even doing nothing useful at all.

chasing illusions

If you are an addict, you will be playing online constantly and not just scores. You have to play more to earn more, as if you were chasing illusions. This is one of the traits of addiction. Drug addicts do not accept such results. They take wins and losses personally, always trying to find a way to win. They believe it takes more than chance and luck to win, so they rely on hard work and don’t give up. Assuming they win the next 20 rounds or so.


The list continues. Addiction has many markers and indications to report. You shouldn’t be ashamed of being or about to be a drug addict, and you should take responsibility for facing up to this situation and dealing with it while you still can.

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