Here’s why online lottery is gaining popularity in India


The lottery has been an integral part of Indian culture and economy for many decades. No less than 13 Indian states operate legal state lotteries which not only become a source of entertainment and prizes for citizens, but also generate revenue for the state. These lotteries are however only available to residents of states where these lotteries are legal. Additionally, Indians can only purchase physical lottery tickets from state-run lotteries.

But in the age of online shopping and digital payments, not everyone wants to go to a lottery booth to buy a few tickets. And what about Indians who live in states where the lottery is not available?

For them, a online lottery comes to the rescue. The online lottery can be played by anyone in India, using an online lottery website. These online lotteries not only allow you to buy lottery tickets online, but also cover international lotteries that would not otherwise be available to the public. Thanks to websites such as Lottoland or Lotto247, Indians have had the opportunity to win jackpots such as American Powerball, Megamillions or Euromillions.

Is online lottery legal in India?

The laws regarding the lottery are determined by the governments of the Indian states. So while some states operate state lotteries, others have banned the practice of lottery altogether. However, since online lotteries are drawn outside the country, they are outside the jurisdiction of Indian law.

Regarding Indian law, there are no private lotteries available and people can only buy state-run lottery tickets. However, since online lottery websites exist outside the country, all Indians can freely choose to spend their money on buying lottery tickets online.

Why is the online lottery growing in popularity?

There are obvious factors that make people buy lottery tickets online as opposed to state run lotteries. First of all, not everyone in India has access to physical lottery tickets. Hence, an online lottery becomes their only option.

Second, the convenience and ease of use of buying lottery tickets online using digital payments like UPI or Paytm is much more than having to go to a lotto booth and purchase. physical tickets.

Last but not least, the jackpots offered by international lotteries such as Powerball or Megamillions are much larger and more lucrative than the small draws offered in India. Many people in India have seen their fortunes turn thanks to these online lotteries.

Another factor that may have contributed to the use of online lotteries is the fact that many websites offering lottery tickets are also online betting sites. They not only sell international lottery tickets but also facilitate users with sports betting as well as online casino options. This means that these two industries can send users to each other.

A person who is simply looking to play at an online casino may stumble upon online lottery options and be inclined to play another exciting game involving luck and money.

Whether or not the online betting industry has had an impact on the growing popularity of online lotteries or not, one thing is certain: the two industries appear to be deeply linked and have seen their fortunes increase in recent years, registering an increasing number of Indian users every passing year. And this trend is expected to continue.


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