Futuristic technologies are invading the world of online gaming


The relentless march of technological progress leaves few industries behind, but arguably some get on with it more easily than others. This is certainly the case for casino games, which have embraced the wave of technology to provide more casino gaming experiences from the comfort of the player’s home.

In particular, this has seen the online casino industry grow significantly over the past few years when many parts of the world were locked down. Australia in particular saw a 67% increase in online gambling at the start of the pandemic.

The innovations that have driven this success are far from unique to the online casino industry, but they have been used in clever ways, AI chatbots that might otherwise respond to tech support queries used as players, to mobile apps allowing gamers to play on the go.

In search of the authentic casino experience

If the convenience of online casino games is undeniable, casino operators are aware that the experience is quite different from that of a visit to a physical casino. Fortunately, advances in streaming technology and the spread of high-speed internet access have provided online casino operators with a way to deliver a bit more of that authentic experience.

This comes in the form of what is essentially a live video feed of a real human dealer, often in an authentic-looking setting. Bets are handled through the app or browser, but the dealer interacts with their players the same way they would in a physical casino. This innovation may be of particular interest to online casinos for New Zealand players, as strict gambling laws mean fewer opportunities to visit a physical casino. New Zealanders are also more fond of slot machines, while Australian players prefer to play betting games. Online casinos offer a great platform for both.


The added convenience offered by online casinos goes beyond just being able to play a game of Blackjack from the living room whenever the mood takes you. One of the biggest examples of this is the payment options offered by online casinos. It is now common to offer a range of payment options, from credit card to bank transfer, and a multitude of payment processors, such as PayPal. Cryptocurrency is also making its way into the online casino space.

An increased range of payment and withdrawal options allows a much wider audience to enjoy online casino games. This is another matter of advantage for players in New Zealand, where it is illegal to offer remote online casino gaming nationwide, essentially forcing all players in the country to visit online casinos hosted at the international.


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