Five devices we could be using for online betting years from now


The advent of the internet has changed the gambling industry. Since most people today have access to the internet on their phones and tablets, they can bet on sports and do things from the comfort of their homes. . Since most of you are probably interested in betting apps, you can jump here to find a list of the best betting apps for Android and iOS. These apps are developed by some of the leading gambling companies in the industry, which ensures users get a desktop-like experience.

Speaking of desktop computers, there were times when people didn’t have access to smartphones and tablets. After the generalization of the Internet, players only had access to computers. Therefore, some of the oldest and most reputable betting companies have fully functional desktop sites.

Although some people use their computers for iGaming today, these devices are not so popular because bettors rarely have free time. This is why smartphones and tablets have taken over the betting industry.

Even though these devices are popular now, that might change in the future. Technology improves every year, so it’s only a matter of time before we have access to other devices that can be used for online betting. Let’s check out some of the potential options.

1. Smart TVs

Even though some people have smart TVs at home, these gadgets are still not very popular, especially in some parts of the world. The concept of a smart TV allows you to access the Internet without using a computer. Your TV has a specific operating system with its app store and various other things.

Most smart TVs run on Android, but some brands create their own operating system. This is the reason why only a few people have the ability to place bets using these devices.

Once smart TVs become more popular, most gambling websites will try to optimize their apps to work on larger screens. For now, players who want to test their TV will have to open their browser and go to the bookmaker/casino’s website.

Another issue when using a smart TV for betting is the controls. Unfortunately, this technology is not yet so advanced, which means that we usually need a remote control to maneuver. Placing bets using a remote control is not ideal, especially if you plan to bet live.

2. Smartwatches

Smartwatches are becoming more popular day by day, thanks to brands like Apple and Google. Millions of people use them to make phone calls, read messages, and more. Some smartwatch users also go to the best site to download and install mobile apps on their devices as they are interested in online betting. Therefore, these people will be more than happy if they have the ability to place bets using their smartwatches.

All sorts of things can be used to optimize smartwatches for mobile betting and casino games. Apart from using them to bet on something, software developers can allow people to receive different notifications. For example, they can check when their bet is settled.

Unfortunately, the small screen size can be problematic as bettors won’t be able to follow much.

3. Betting on cars

3. Betting on cars

Like everything else, cars are getting more advanced every year. These days, almost all major automakers are focusing on electric vehicles. The latter is much closer to a smartphone than a real car because it uses batteries instead of a motor and gearbox.

The newer cars are always equipped with the latest technology in terms of infotainment system, which makes them ideal for online betting. The fact that some vehicles offer Wi-Fi hotspots allows people to access the internet while on the go. Therefore, they can use the car’s infotainment system to access their favorite gaming website.

Of course, gambling while driving is impossible, which means online casinos and bookmakers have to find a way to prevent the driver from accessing their mobile app/site.

4. Virtual reality headsets

4. Virtual reality headsets

VR technology became popular a few years ago. After the arrival of the first VR headsets, people were amazed to have the ability to play games as if they were in the game itself.

Unfortunately, the technology supporting the potential of virtual reality was not advanced enough. Therefore, these things were not practical to use for online betting. This is why online casinos and bookmakers were more interested in developing applications for smartphones and tablets.

Fortunately, computer technology is improving every year, which means that we can finally use VR technology, at least to a point. Apart from short clips and different VR games, we expect top betting companies to eventually allow people to use a VR casino or bookmaker. We can only imagine the features and options bettors will have access to.

5. Metavers

Last but not least, we have the Metaverse, something that has been popular lately, mainly thanks to people like Mark Zuckerberg. Although the Metaverse is technically not a device, we decided to include it here as it will most likely play a vital role in the future of iGaming.

There are a few Metaverse projects today where people can create a digital avatar and interact with others who are interested in this technology. There are even things like digital real estate companies selling properties in the metaverse. It’s only a matter of time before we see the first major casinos and bookmakers.

While many newer companies will try to accept as many players from the Metaverse as possible, some of the old school brands will also want a piece of the pie. Therefore, we expect to see various options for people to choose from. There may be new sections that are not available to those who use mobile apps to bet on their smartphones and tablets.

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