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Ensures and Guarantees the Safety and Security of Every Rupee and Personal Data Mumbai, Maharashtra, India – Business Wire India When conducting an online transaction, the first thought that comes to mind is security against phishing scams and misuse of personal data, in particular regarding online gaming platforms. FairPlay, the largest sports betting exchange in the world, answers these two fundamental questions.

This one-of-a-kind betting exchange offers an unparalleled user experience across all touchpoints – from registration, to deposit, to winning and transferring winnings, which is simple, transparent and instantaneous.

“The registration process, which is the initiation of a member of the FairPlay Club, is completely simple. Only the minimum necessary data is collected at the time of registration. Gambling enthusiasts are often careful when they submit their personal data to any website, fearing misuse of it. But not on FairPlay, as we assure users of strict standards of confidentiality regarding every detail of the data shared by them. Once the users have entered their basic details, they can make the deposit themselves, which is instantly reflected in their FairPlay wallet with a big 200% first deposit bonus which can then be used to play any game or bet on any sport being played on the exchange,” said a representative of the FairPlay Group.

During the initial phase, rules and regulations are spelled out in clear, precise language to inform gambling enthusiasts of company policies and country-specific laws. Only after reading, understanding and agreeing to the policies can users proceed with registration formalities. A well-trained and dedicated 24-hour customer service team is available to help users with any doubts and clarifications. This helps maintain transparency and conflict-free relations between the player and FairPlay.

The online betting platform ensures that every penny spent or won is accounted for and adequate cyber protection systems have been put in place to prevent cyber criminals from accessing all records.

A dedicated social media page (@fairplay_india) has been curated for exciting tutorials, updates and contests. This not only keeps users informed about the various offers, but also informs them of the do’s and don’ts in accordance with applicable local laws and rules.

True to its name FairPlay, India’s leading and most trusted betting exchange has the highest odds in the market, designed to ensure a higher probability of winning compared to other platforms. Overall, among enthusiasts, it has been recognized as offering the most profitable odds. Therefore, the placement of bets and trades on the platform is increasing month by month.

This was possible thanks to user trust, transparent accounting records and a dedicated relationship manager to instantly authorize transactions.

With such a smooth process, FairPlay has made its mark in the industry and laid the foundations for all its gaming splendor. One can experience this new-age experience by visiting https://fairplay.club/ and ringing the crate recorder. It can be seen that it is a rather simple and user-friendly site, with instructional videos and elaborate rules and regulations for a beginner. Offering a wide range of promotional and seasonal bonuses such as the weekly 15% loss through IPL 2022, he has retained his club members to maximum effect.

Don’t miss the opportunity to experience the largest sports betting exchange in the world and make big profits with FairPlay Club.

About FairPlay FairPlay is India’s most trusted betting exchange and a one stop shop for all sports betting and recreational gaming needs. The platform offers a wide range of live casino and card games dealt by real dealers instead of bots, making gaming completely transparent. Under its sports betting umbrella, FairPlay offers cricket, tennis, football and over 30 other premium sports. Users can also enjoy live streaming of matches alongside live scoreboards while placing their bets. All security measures are taken regarding customer data and their transactions and no data is ever shared with a third party by FairPlay.


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