Delaware Online Gambling Revenue Hits New Year-End High


Delaware online gaming had an incredibly successful 2021, ending the year on a high note. However, what are the reasons behind the success and what drives the online gambling industry in Blue Hen State. Follow the link if you want online gambling in Delaware covered in more detail, where you will find information on gambling laws in Delaware, daily fantasy sports, online casinos of Delaware, Delaware poker and the lottery.

You can also read about the interesting history of gambling in Delaware. Here’s what happened in Delaware’s online gambling industry in 2021 and what can be predicted in 2022.

New operators and product

President Joe Biden’s home state is no stranger to exciting new operators joining the burgeoning iGaming market. These online operators use some of the best software providers in the industry to deliver world-class entertainment packages to online gaming enthusiasts, while continuing to add the latest games.

Some of the latest software providers to enter the US market include Playtech Live Games (not yet available in Delaware), NetEnt, as well as popular European brand LeoVEgas (listed on NASDAQ Stockholm), now offers its platform casino aggregator through an agreement with Entertainment Caesars.

Video lottery is another popular game played at online casinos in Delaware, but there are other promising products that are attracting fans from across the state. With such a passion for gaming and the use of modern technology, gamers now have access to better entertainment than they ever had before.

November, driven by the video lottery

November was a particularly successful month for the state, with online gambling revenue hitting the highest levels of the year. $996,639 was the total in November, but what was most remarkable was that player bets returned to highs not seen since March. Impressively, when you compare the year-over-year totals, you’ll see a staggering 75.5% increase. As of November 2020, total online gambling revenue was $568,000. Of the $996,639, video lottery was the biggest contributor, accounting for $766,790. Popular online table games contributed $196,488, with the remaining approximately $33,000 coming from poker rakes and fees. Overall, total player spend was $30.1 million, up 83.5% from the same month a year earlier. November was the most successful month for 8 months, since the $30.7 million bet in March.

2021, a record year

2021 has been nothing short of a great success for the online gambling industry in Delaware. According to the Delaware Lottery, the industry grew by 26.2% over 2020 figures. This type of growth is nothing short of remarkable, and the industry as a whole is in a very promising position. The industry relies heavily on technology, as evidenced by the fact that custom applications are proving popular with businesses. Technology is improving year by year and will continue to drive the industry forward. Much to the delight of the industry, player spending also showed a dramatic 35% increase.

Operators offer more entertainment, and therefore players spend more money. For the full year of 2021, industry revenue totaled $10.6 million, this figure compares to $8.6 million for 2020. Consumer spending in the state has also reached new levels. , with $308.8 million generated, compared to the $228.7 million seen in 2020.

A bright year 2022

If 2021 is anything to go by, then you would have every right to think that 2022 will be yet another amazing year for online gambling in Delaware. Delaware is booming as a corporate tax haven and companies are reaping the rewards. The online gambling industry is leading the pack as it capitalizes on such a rich industry.

These figures will make many other operators aware of a potential market for games. Online gambling operators are always on the lookout for emerging markets, so they can build up a strong customer base using a relatively untouched market.

The more operators that join the race, the more competition will increase and operators will be forced to offer a bigger and better product to attract customers. With a better product, more customers will use the services, which means online gambling revenue will definitely increase.


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