Decentralized Magic Lotto – You’ve never seen such a lottery online


If you are interested in online gambling, you have probably seen many online applications from various providers. They are all colorful, beautiful and fascinating. To try your hand at the online lottery, you don’t have to go anywhere and go through the drawing process – everything is automatic and as convenient as possible. Corn! There is one important thing that cannot be ignored – the issue of trust. You see, a gamer can never be 100% sure of the honesty of an online provider. This company may even be licensed (though not always), but even then they manage to manipulate the results so you can never be sure about your chances of winning. Under such conditions, the rules of statistics simply do not work. Therefore, an important question arises: “What can be done about it?” There is a way out, and that is decentralization. Let’s see how it works.

Why are blockchain lotteries better?

So why is decentralization so good? The fact that all operations, including the distribution of earnings, are in the general ledger, and this ledger is accessible to everyone. This is implemented on the basis of blockchain technology. All system interactions with players happen automatically through smart contracts. The lottery itself is a decentralized application (dApp). Thus, it is possible to exclude a centralized provider (it exists, but does not interfere with the game process at all). This provides the 100% transparency of the drawing process that all gamers so desire.

In general, the interface of the game looks quite familiar, like this one:

The interface of the Magic Lotto application based on a blockchain platform

Now let’s see what this looks like in a specific example.

Magic Lotto

Here we describe the Magic Lotto gaming platform based on the Qchain ecosystem. There are four popular types of games in Magic Lotto: 6/49, Free Lotto, 7 Plus Lotto, and JokerBall. All you need to start playing is to register on the Qchain website and download the node app for your operating system. By the way, by doing this you can use other ecosystem products including distributed data storage, exchange, staking, etc. Then you will need to buy a QDT token. Here it is used as the local currency. This can be done quickly and easily using a specialized exchanger, or on an exchange. Bets are placed in chips and winnings are also accumulated there. That’s all, you can start playing.

And here are the main features of Magic Lotto, in addition to the already described 100% transparency of the draw:

  • simple and intuitive interface;
  • full automation – after buying a ticket you don’t have to do anything, everything happens automatically;
  • quick and easy withdrawal of won funds, much easier than in the case of the classic offline lottery;
  • an affiliate program with the ability to receive passive income, which allows you to invite multiple active players here and receive passive income.

And to prove the transparency of the drawing process, we will provide you with some data about the drawings:

  • During 3 months of draws, more than 3,700,000 QDT (approximately $ 129,500 as of October 2021) were transferred to the wallets of the Joker Ball winners.
  • 131 people received over $ 100,000.
  • There is a lucky guy who won a jackpot of 2,500,000 QDT.

In addition, they regularly run various promotions for players. For example, now active players who write the best article and / or shoot the best short video dedicated to this platform will receive valuable prizes including Apple MacBook Air, Apple iPhone 12, cash, etc.


With the advent of apps like Magic Lotto, the online gaming market is about to change dramatically as everyone wants to play fairly and get winnings that can be withdrawn quickly and easily. In short, everyone wants to receive only joyful emotions, anticipating their victory and then rejoicing. And with decentralized blockchain-based lotteries, they’ll get it all.


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