Best Online Betting Site in India for IPL 2022: Crickex


IPL and online betting go hand in hand. Ever since the first IPL betting match took place, punters love placing mass bets on it. Crickex can be considered as the best online betting site in India.

Unlike before, the Crickex platform has fortunately made it easier to participate in IPL 2022 betting.

Crickex is one such platform that has made it convenient and profitable to bet on IPL 2022 smoothly. If you are also looking for a good IPL betting site, look no further!

Crickex Overview

Crickex is an online betting platform as well as one of the leading betting exchange providers in India. The platform is exclusively for Indian and Bangladeshi players. Despite being a recent addition to the industry, Crickex stands out among the rest and offers a wide variety of products.

Also, when it comes to IPL betting, Crickex is by far the best in the market for the hands-on experience they host.

That being said, here are 10 areas where he excels at Paris IPL 2022!

What makes Crickex the best online site for IPL 2022?

Before selecting an online betting site, the first thing to do is to check if you have everything under one roof. Getting the best odds won’t work. We need security, ease of payment, quality services and much more!

1. Exclusive bonuses and promotions

Crickex offers many bonuses and promotions on your deposits. Players who like to get free money will appreciate these bonuses. Plus, from cash prizes to cash back to winning iPhones, Crickex offers hands down the best bonuses especially for IPL 2022.

2. Bet with INR

Bet on IPL 2022 with INR is no longer a concern for Indian players. Crickex has made it possible to place your bets in your currency without any headache. Also, there are no fees on rupee withdrawals.

3. Safe and sound

Your security and privacy are non-negotiable for Crickex. The platform is legitimately safe and secure. They consider privacy as the very first thing and make sure that user data is completely safe and private with them.

4. Trusted and Licensed

Crickex is a renowned IPL betting site. The platform is regulated by the Curacao Gaming Commission with license number GLH-OCCHKTW0712302019 (sublicense number 365/JAZ). Although they are new, they are excellent enough in terms of services.

5. Payment options for online betting

All convenient payment methods including Paytm, bank transfers etc. are available on Crickex. Crickex ensures smooth and secure payments. Then the minimum deposit starts from INR 200 only and there are no fees on transactions.

6. User-friendly interface

Crickex knows the importance of having a well-structured and easy-on-the-eyes website interface. Hence, their platform is easy to navigate. Icons, colors, design, everything is worth enjoying.

7. Customer service

Not attracting the attention of online sites is the worst thing. This way you are wasting both your money and your time. Carefree! With Crickex, you get the ultimate 24/7 live chat support which considers it the best online betting site in India for IPL 2022.

8. Crickex is honest!

Another factor that determines the quality of a site is honesty. Crickex are absolutely honest when it comes to providing odds, making transactions, dealing with their players, etc. for IPL 2022. Therefore, your money and time are worth it.

9. High value for money

Offering great value bets with competitive odds is one of the main features of Crickex. As a result, their bonuses set them apart as they are truly made for the good of the players.

10. Products offered for IPL 2022

While many sportsbooks host limited online betting markets and assortments, Crickex emerges as an absolute option. So you get all the favorable markets and picks that maximize your earnings for IPL 2022.

Final Thoughts

IPL 2022 betting can be ultimate fun if you have the right partner, like Crickex. We love how it outperforms in every aspect. Choose Crickex for this IPL 2022, and you won’t regret it!


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