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Lottery has been around in India longer than we can remember – it is a highly sought after hobby activity, which gives people a chance to win some or a lot of money. Having said that, the ardor for the traditional Indian lottery is now fading, with the online lottery gaining much more traction each year.

Why is online lottery gaining popularity in India? And what are the reasons for its sudden rise?

5 Reasons Why Online Lottery Is Better Than Traditional Indian Lottery.

1. The choice of prints

The biggest benefit of using the online lottery instead of the traditional state government lottery is that you can choose to purchase tickets for some of the biggest lotos in the world!

Whether it’s Powerball, Megamillions or Euromillions, you can easily win one of these bigger jackpots and win a prize you wouldn’t have had access to otherwise!

With state-run lotteries, you have a limited choice as well as a much smaller prize pool to win.

2. Special features like unions

Most online lotteries now offer you the option of purchasing tickets as a group. Unions are groups of people who pool money and buy a lot of lottery tickets and then agree to share the winnings equally.

While this greatly reduces the prize for the lottery, it also increases your chances of winning the draw! While in real life you would have to lobby to form a group to start your own union, on online lottery sites you can buy union tickets without any additional hassle !.

3. Play the lottery from anywhere

While that might not seem like a huge plus in a normal world, in a world with a pandemic and lockdowns, the fact that you can still play the lottery online is a big plus.

You would never have to go out or buy lottery tickets from stores located in a remote corner of town. Instead, you can just register with an online lottery website and buy as many tickets as you want!

4. The online lottery is available in all states

If you know the lottery laws in India, you know that state government lotteries are only available in 13 states of India. This means that the rest of the country does not have access to the traditional lottery.

However, online lottery sites can be used from anywhere in the country allowing every Indian to play!

5. Promotions and bonuses

Finally, when you play the lottery online, you may find some amazing deals, promotions and bonuses offered by some of the lottery sites online.

With these promotions and bonuses, you can easily earn additional tickets, or even a bonus amount on your first deposit, allowing you to play with even more money.

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