5 Best VPN Services for Online Gaming for 2022


Often you will find an interesting online casino but see a message flashing on the screen: “Country is not supported”. It is truly a disappointing experience for many. Ask any gaming enthusiast, and they couldn’t agree more. But do not worry ! You can still have fun installing the best VPN for gambling to spoof your current location.

Can you use a VPN for online casinos?

Yes, many betting enthusiasts play online casinos with VPNs. A virtual private network routes web traffic through a non-prohibited country, which helps you play online slots in real money casinos. But it comes with some risks that you should never ignore.

First, not all carriers will allow you to use the platform through a VPN. For example, some international casino sites use the KYC system to perform identity checks before confirming your registration. If you do not pass this verification process, you will not be able to open your casino account.

Most legal betting sites also support responsible gambling. They encourage players to comply with the betting laws of their region for a safe experience. So when the operator detects that you are playing through a VPN, it instantly freezes or terminates your account. Therefore, you will not be able to withdraw all of your winnings. Thus, do not use a VPN against the terms and conditions of online casinos.

Importantly, using a VPN for gaming might be illegal in some countries. These jurisdictions strictly prohibit gambling for social, religious or political reasons. Thus, it is advisable to first check the laws imposed by your place of origin before running the VPN. After all, you won’t like getting into legal trouble.

Once you are sure that you will not face any problems, you can easily download VPN software on your device. Now, if you are wondering how to use VPN for online casinos, remember the settings below to help you choose the right software.

● Simple user interface

If you’re not tech-savvy, it’s a good idea to choose a VPN with an easy setup and user interface. This saves you the hassle of a complicated setup process.

● Device compatibility

Another crucial step is to check if the VPN is compatible with your operating system. VPNs with cross-platform support will be ideal for going from desktop to mobile.

● Safety and speed control

Security features and high speed are the most crucial deciding factors when choosing a VPN service. So, to unlock the world of online casinos, be sure to install a VPN that offers high-speed connectivity with unlimited bandwidth.

In addition, AES encryption protocols guarantee complete security when browsing the best gaming sites. At the same time, the no-logs policy will protect your data from tracking.

● Subscription plan

The cost of the VPN service subscription depends on the features covered. Choose a monthly or annual plan, adapted to your budget and your needs.

Top 5 VPN Services for Online Gaming

You will find many VPN service providers, but not all of them can be trusted. So, for a hassle-free gaming experience, selecting top-notch VPN software is essential. Here is the list of the best casino VPNs tested and approved by industry experts.


NordVPN is an excellent Panama-based VPN service provider that will allow you to access geo-locked casino sites. The software provides users with a completely secure gaming experience with its military-grade encryption. It will even hide traces using the advanced obfuscation feature, allowing users to access sites from countries that enforce internet censorship and block VPNs.

It has a list of more than 5000 servers in the world with a fast and secure connection. Also, the VPN’s dedicated IP list has five countries, including the US, UK, Netherlands, Germany, and France. Whether you use Windows or Mac or something else, the VPN works seamlessly.


  • Double VPN for premium security
  • Supports obfuscation
  • Easy to use

The inconvenients


CyberGhost is another great option that won’t let you down when it comes to accessing the best gaming sites of your choice. The VPN has over 7000 non-spy servers that bypass the geo-restrictions of several famous online casinos. In addition, its automatic kill switch and bank-grade 256-bit encryption protect your financial transactions on casinos. This means that cybercriminals cannot hack or misuse your personal data.

CyberGhost is available for $12.99 for a monthly plan. Also, the service provider offers a 14-day money-back guarantee to users on the one-month plan.


  • Efficient without spy servers
  • A myriad of features
  • Enhanced security

The inconvenients


SurfShark is also the best VPN for online gambling in the industry and has built a reputation in just a few years. It supports all major operating systems. This VPN allows you to play on any casino portal without leaving any traces.

With 1700 servers spread across 63 countries, SurfShark VPN ensures uninterrupted access to offshore betting sites. Additionally, the high-speed service allows players to access their favorite games and place a bet in seconds.

If you want to give this VPN a try, opt for its one-month subscription plan available at $12.95. However, the service provider is offering an 82% discount on the two-year subscription plan.


  • Provides ad and malware blocker
  • 24 hour customer support
  • Split tunneling tools

The inconvenients


Create an account and place bets very quickly with the help of IPVanish. The VPN will completely hide your location so you can unlock any site effortlessly. Also, its military-grade encryption system and kill switch protect user data from malicious activities.

Moreover, its native app allows users to play from any portable device anytime and anywhere. If you’re looking for an economical option, look no further. With a monthly plan of just $10.99, you can unlock a host of exclusive features on this VPN.


  • Custom connection settings
  • Strict no-logging policy
  • Fast and secure

The inconvenients

  • Network firewall defense available only on Windows


An ideal solution for people looking for a free VPN for online gambling, ProtonVPN is the top-rated freeware for many users. This VPN has over 1,400 servers from 60 countries. It will encrypt all your internet traffic by replacing your IP address to allow you to play on a restricted online betting site.

Although the experience is seamless when using the free version, many recommend opting for its subscription plan to unlock other cutting-edge tools. Features include no data logging policy, kill switch, secure central servers, split tunneling and others. You will even get a higher connection speed of up to 10 Gbps.

So for a better experience, upgrade to the paid plan starting at $4 per month.


  • The app supports iOS, Apple, Windows and Linux
  • Strong privacy protocols for consumers
  • Annual transparency reports

The inconvenients

VPN Compatible Casinos for 2022

If you’re looking for reliable casinos that allow VPN, check out these handpicked options. You can access any of these top gambling sites through the VPNs recommended above to seamlessly watch live events and bet for real money.

  • bet365
  • BetUS
  • bovada
  • Bet
  • LionVegas
  • The Royal
  • JackpotJoy
  • PaddyPower
  • William Hill

To wrap up

You can always log into your casino account if you’re overseas to win a few bucks. Many geo-locked casino websites are now at your fingertips once you have enabled VPN on your device. But how you can play with a VPN depends on the terms of the site and the gambling laws of the state or country in question.

So be sure to comb through betting regulations to safely access geo-restricted online casinos in your area.


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