10 Best Places to Play Free Online Games

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While you may have extreme gamers around who only refer to consoles and PCs as “real” gaming systems, that’s not the truth. You can play any type of video game on any device. Your regular laptop or smartphone may actually have way more games than these platforms. Indeed, these devices are easily accessible and you can even find many free online video games. Here are some websites and platforms that you can use to play video games online for free.


Kongregate is a great open platform for all kinds of online video games. It offers more than 110,000 online games and more than 30 mobile games open to the public. It’s also one of the best video game publishing platforms for indie creators, so you can find some real gems here.

Armor Games

This site is one of the oldest gaming websites and was founded in 2004. It hosts thousands of HTML 5 games and allows users to play them for free. It mainly hosted Flash games, but also supported many MMOs. You can play most of these games on your computer or smartphone quite easily.

big fish games

This gaming website has been around in one form or another for over 20 years. It handles very popular games like Big Fish Casino and many more. While its Flash games were disabled on December 31st, 2020, it still has a huge library of online games that you can play for free.

247 Games

In many cases, the online games you see are card games or betting games. 247 Games has one of the best collections of this type of games. It has everything from Mahjong and Solitaire to Sudoku and Backgammon. You can find these games on the website and spend time playing them at your leisure.


Pogo Games is one of the pioneers of casual online gaming and has been in the industry for over 25 years. It has an excellent online version of Scrabble, which has been popular for years and years. It also publishes board games like Hasbro, so it has quite a diverse inventory. From card games and board games to puzzles, Pogo has pretty much everything you could possibly need.

Shock wave

This website offers a wide variety of online and downloadable games that you can play at your convenience. It’s also updated quite regularly, and you’ll even find daily puzzles and challenges. One of the best things you can find here is an interactive online puzzle, with a new one released every day.

Free Online Games (FOG)

This online video game platform was a hotbed for Flash games. However, even when support for Flash has ended, it continues to work with a database of free online games. These include popular formats like Mafia style games and many more. It also includes lots of shooting, car, puzzle and driving games for your benefit.

Addictive games

This online gaming portal is home to over 1,500 casual games, which cater to a variety of interests. While it was founded in 2002, it was recently acquired by Enthusiast Gaming for a whopping $35 million. It consists of many game genres, so this acquisition aimed to gain a large audience.

cool math games

This brain training website is actually quite fun and not just homework based. It makes math and logic problems interesting and teaches children in an interactive and relaxed way. You will also find yourself playing these games as most of these games have some really fun mechanics.


This is another one of those old gaming websites that had their heyday when Flash was actually a thing. Now, although it still has over 800 games, it has also ventured into app development. Even now, it still supports a few online games on its website and is a great way to spend some free time.

To sum up, you can play online games for free on a number of different websites. Most of them are quite easy to use and also have their own smartphone apps.


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